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The Fan Festa 2018 Raid is an extraordinary Raid Event for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius to be hosted during the December 8th 2018 Fan Festa. The event will run for 12/8/2018 - 12/9/2018 PST.

Gameplay and changes[]

Players have to challenge a Raid Boss and damage but not necessarily beat the Boss and will earn a score based on the total damage inflicted (overkill damage not counted). This score is used for threshold point rewards.

Players must collaborate globally to deplete the Boss' main HP gauge displayed in the event's menu, which in turn causes its level to increase yielding better rewards. Note that a level increase will not increase the Boss' difficulty.

Unlike previous Raid events, Raid Coins will not be given, instead making the Boss reach certain levels will yield additional rewards such as Lapis. Furthermore the leveling parameters are much different as the Boss is made to reach a potential level 90 and above in a matter of two days (since the norm is usually level 30 or less in Raid during a two week timeframe).