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Darkening Cloud who blots out the heavens.

In-Game Description

Famfrit is one of the Rank III Water Ranged Espers (the other one being Shiva) in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. His normal attack, Briny Cannonade, deals damage to a single enemy, and his special attack, Tsunami, deals damage to a group of enemies.


Famfrit has the lowest Attack Speed amongst all of the Ranged Water Espers, with the time between his attacks being 2.5 to 2 seconds (simplified calculation). Famfrit's basic attack, Briny Cannonade, is magickal, and thus his Magick stat is used to calculate damage. Briny Cannonade's hit style is direct, which means that it hits and stops at any target within the attack's range. Significantly, it is the fastest ranged attack to hit its target, and it is almost unavoidable.

Famfrit's Tsunami deals heavy Water damage to all foes in a straight line extending from him, and has a recharge time of 20 seconds, which becomes 15 seconds if Famfrit has been inflicted with Haste.



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