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Falxfang is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Fodina Caestino during the main quest The Hand of the King. To complete the bestiary the player needs to fight all enemies at Fodina Caestino during chapter 10, as they don't appear anywhere else and the player can't return here. As the enemies here appear only in certain times of day, the player may easily miss some enemies.


A considerably deadly descendant of the sabertusk. Its ancestors migrated westward in antiquity, eventually settling in what is now imperial territory. Perhaps due to the drastically different climate, the falxfang found near the Fodina Caestino looks much different than its progenitor, but exhibits similar patterns when hunting as a pack.
Size: 16.79 ft. Weight: 539.0 lb.




Falxfangs in battle.

Falxfangs are weak to one-handed swords, firearms and ice and resist fire and light. They are canine enemies that attack in packs, similar to the sabertusks and voretooths fought in Lucis. They pounce on their targets and can pin Noctis down for a button-mashing QTE.

Ignis does not fight in Chapter 10.


Using ice elemancy on the falxfangs is especially useful when they are in water, as the water will freeze locking them in place, unable to fight back. However, the player also gets frozen in place if the player casts ice elemancy while touching the water. However, they are generally easy enemies to take out with normal attacks.

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Falx is a Latin word originally meaning sickle but was later used to mean any of a number of tools that had a curved blade that was sharp on the inside edge such as a scythe.

Its Japanese name refers to Bì'àn, one of the nine sons of the dragon; hybrid of tiger and dragon, it is a creature that likes litigation, and is placed over prison gates to keep guard.

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