My wife and daughter...were killed by Phantoms when the San Francisco barrier of the city was attacked. Did I ever tell you that? I try to imagine...what it must have been like, seeing everyone around you fall over dead for no apparent reason. And then, at the end, feeling something next to you...invisible...touching you...Reaching inside your body and...
—Douglas Hein

The Fall of the San Francisco Barrier City occurred around 2063, two years before the events of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

While details of the event are not clearly spoken of in the film, it is thought that the city's Barrier Shield had failed somehow, allowing the Phantoms to enter the city and consume the spirits of any and all life forms within. The event is note worthy as a tragic driving force behind General Douglas Hein's motivation to destroy the Phantom threat and was possibly the catalyst for the fourth Phantom Cleansing Mission in the Tucson Wasteland. It is also noted that Ryan Whittaker was present during the Barrier City’s fall, his heroic efforts leading him to be placed within Gray Edwards' Deep Eyes squadron.


  • Tragically, the Fall of the San Francisco Barrier is echoed during the Fall of the New York Barrier City, where Hein, in a grievous miscalculation, partially lowered New York’s Barrier Shield in an attempt to scare the council into allowing him to use the Zeus Cannon.
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