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The Fall of Fynn is the first major event in Final Fantasy II. The battle occurs when The Emperor of Palamecia discovers a resistance force in Fynn and invades the city. The event is pivotal as it triggers many of the game's events.

The Emperor discovered a resistance in the city of Fynn and attacks. Scott is fatally wounded and Gordon runs from the battle. Princess Hilda flees from Fynn with Minwu and the King after he is fatally wounded in battle as well. Firion, Guy, Maria, and Leon are residents of Fynn and make their escape.

During their escape from the burning city, Firion, Maria, and Leon run into trouble when Maria, shortly after a church steeple collapses, trips and is nearly killed by Imperial Knights. Leon rushes back to defend his sister, holding them off with his swordplay while Firion gets her to safety. Firion throws knives at a soldier, temporarily stunning the soldier. They regroup with Guy in the outskirts of Fynn and watch the city burn from afar.

They continue to fight pursuing Imperials and are wounded during their flight, with Leon being captured by the Emperor's forces. This sparks Firion's passion to join the Wild Rose Rebellion.


Firion and his two friends are found by Minwu and healed at Altair. They set off back to Fynn and meet Scott, who gives them his ring before he passes away. Upon showing the ring to Hilda, she accepts them as members of the Wild Rose Rebellion. Leon is captured by the Emperor's forces and becomes the Emperor's Dark Knight.

The Empire suffers significant losses at Fynn, even though their mythril equipment gives them a material advantage over the more simple-equipped army of Fynn. The resistance at Fynn halts further Imperial expansion, and Altair and Gatrea remain free from the Emperor's control. To compensate the Emperor orders the construction of the Dreadnought, planning to destroy the remaining resistance from air rather than through boots on the ground.

Behind the scenes[]

The Opening FMV for the PlayStation and PlayStation Portable versions features the Imperial Knights merely being stunned by what appear to be fatal wounds, which conflicts with Princess Hilda's later claim that the Empire had massive casualties during the battle.


  1. Princess Hilda: "The Empire suffered considerable in the last great battle at Fynn".