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The Falco Velocycle is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the third Cognispeeder type enemy to be encountered, and is found in Palumpolum.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Falco Velocycle's Gatling Gun can be devastating and easily wipe out even Snow with 1,400 HP. The Falco Velocycle begins charging for Gatling Gun when its stagger gauge is approximately 60–70% full, but is canceled if the enemy is staggered before it releases the attack.

Strategy Edit

Gatling Gun FFXIII

Gatling Gun.

The player should change paradigms to Building Block or Lifeguard and have Snow use Provoke, followed by Steelguard. If done fast enough, this will minimize the damage received. However, with the party consisting of Lightning and Hope, as soon as Falco Velocycle is about to use Gatling Gun, the player should switch to either two Medics or Medic and Commando/Ravager. As a last resort, the player can summon their Eidolon as soon as Falco Velocycle uses Gatling Gun.

Alternatively, one can start off with Slash & Burn (COM/RAV) to get a few hits in with Commando to ensure the stagger gauge doesn't drop too quickly, then go all out with Dualcasting (RAV/RAV) to cancel the Gatling Gun by staggering Falco Velocycle during its charging period.

Equipping the party to synthesize the Physical Wall bonus drastically reduces the damage received.

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Etymology Edit

Falco is Latin for "falcon".

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