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Faith represents a unit's belief in magick and spiritual phenomena. A higher number indicates deeper faith.
—PSP Description.

Faith is a statistic from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is a measure (in percentage) of a character's belief in God (or Gods in the War of the Lions), and impacts the effectiveness of their Magicks. A High Faith stat (as well as the temporary Faith status) is double-edged: Units with higher Faith will deal higher magickal damage and healing (including magick guns), but will also receive increased damage and healing from Magicks, are more susceptible to magickal status effect spells, and take increased damage from elemental guns later into the game. Generally the resultant effect of all spells will compute the Faith scores of both caster and target. Zero Faith (or being under the temporary status effect Atheist) will render all Magick unsuccessful.

The Faith stat can be adjusted by Orator's Speechcraft abilities, Preach (raise Faith by 4 for the battle and permanent Faith by 1) and Enlighten (lower Faith by 20 for the battle and permanent Faith by 5). Notably, the latter skill that weakens Faith is far more effective and has a higher success rate than the former that strengthens it. Bard's reaction ability Faith Boost can raise Faith by three when affected by any Magick.

Female units tend to have higher Faith scores than Male units, and units with high Faith scores are suitable to become mages. The protagonist Ramza has 70 Faith initially, which is relatively high as a mage as well. However, any character whose permanent Faith stat becomes too high (95 or more) will leave Ramza's party to go seek God on their own; as such, the highest possible score for the characters' permanent Faith is 94 if wishing to keep them, and between 85 and 94 Faith (both including), players will be given a desertion warning after battles from their Faith growing too high. Ramza himself is an exception to this, and can safely have his Faith raised as high as the player wishes.

Fft character stat 1

The stat bar of a battle unit. It shows Agrias's current Faith is 63.


  • Faith determines the damage or recovering amount:

$ caster's~magickal~power \times spell~power \times caster's~Faith\% \times target's~Faith\% $

These spells always have the basic hit-rate of 100% and the resultant hit-rate will be subtracted by the target's total magickal evasion. Few spells ignore the magickal evasion and always hit, e.g. Holy and Ultima.
  • Faith determines the hit-rate:

$ (caster's~magickal~power + spell~power) \times caster's~Faith\% \times target's~Faith\% $

If the initial hit-rate exceeds 100%, the resultant hit-rate will be subtracted by the target's total magickal evasion at the hit-rate cap of 100%.
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