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The Fairy Tale is a weapon for Aeris in Final Fantasy VII. It drops from Turks:Reno when fought at Gongaga. The weapon notably has seven Materia slots, all unlinked, tied with Princess Guard for Aeris's weapons that have the most Materia slots. It has average stats and can be thrown.


The Fairy Tale is won from Turks:Reno at Gongaga. To get it, the player needs to reduce Reno's HP to zero, rather than Rude's, otherwise they get Turks:Rude's spoils instead. Later, it can be purchased from Junon for 2,500 gil after the player has the Highwind. However, Aeris is not in the party at this point.


As the Fairy Tale has a base Attack stat bonus of 33, the base damage for physical attacks when the Fairy Tale is equipped is in the following formula:

where "Level" is Aeris's current level and "Strength" is her Strength stat. The Fairy Tale also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 103%, and grants a +8 bonus to Aeris's Magic stat.


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The Fairy Tale is notable for its abundance of Materia slots, though its stats are lower than more well-rounded weapons, such as the Prism Staff or Aurora Rod. Due to Aeris's high Magic stat, she can benefit greatly from having a variety of spells at her disposal, more so than from stats for physical attacks. However, its biggest drawback is that none of the slots are linked.

Because none of the Materia slots for Fairy Tale are linked, none can benefit from Support Materia. Nonetheless, Aeris can equip many Magic and Summon Materia, which benefit from her Magic stat, giving her a wide range of spells. Aeris can also benefit from the Enemy Skill Materia, as many of its abilities rely on her Magic stat. In addition, giving Aeris HP Plus Materia can help mitigate the HP lost from equipping so many Magic Materia.

Fairy Tale is outclassed by Princess Guard, which provides the same number of Materia slots but with linked slots and greater overall stats. Though Fairy Tale has more slots than the Aurora Rod or Prism Staff, the lack of linked slots means the player may opt to use one of those weapons instead of Fairy Tale. Nonetheless, Fairy Tale's abundance of slots plays well into Aeris's strength as a magic user.