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Earrings that raise Spirit.


The Fairy Earrings are an add-on in Final Fantasy IX that everyone can equip. They teach Body Temp, which immunizes against Heat and Freeze; Level Up, which increases EXP gain; and Regen, which allows a target passively accumulate health mid battle for a time. The Fairy Earrings give a bonus to the wearer's Spirit when they level up with the accessory equipped. They strengthen the user's Wind-elemental damage. The earrings are made via synthesis and are themselves used to make a different pair of earrings.


The Fairy Earrings are earliest obtained from the Treno Auction House when Princess Garnet and Steiner visit Treno with Marcus. It costs around 9,500 gil. Around this time, the player may not have enough funds to buy everything the auction house has to offer, but the "Cotton Robe" gil farming trick would be available around this time.

The Fairy Earrings are found in Fossil Roo in the area where the player needs to climb the vines and avoid where the water flows to not fall off FossilRooCavern2. The treasure is on the small ledge on the left.

Fairy Earrings synthesis from FFIX Remastered.png

The earrings are synthesized in Black Mage Village (before entering the Shimmering Island portal), and after returning from the Outer Continent, in Alexandria, Treno, and Lindblum, and finally in Daguerreo for 3,200 gil, a Magic Armlet, and a Soft. Magic Armlets and Softs are available in shops in these areas as well.


The Fairy Earrings give +4 to physical Evasion and +2 to Magic Evasion, and a +2 bonus to the wearer's Spirit when they level up with them equipped. When enough "bonuses" upon level up from gear have been accrued, the character gains a permanent stat increase. Spirit is a generally good stat that affects aspects such as the HP a character is revived at, the duration of expirable statuses, how often Regen and Poison tick, how frequently the character enters Trance and how many turns they get while in Trance, among other things.

Using the Fairy Earrings boosts the character's Wind damage by +50%, compatible with Quina's Twister, Dagger and Eiko's normal attack with rackets, and Amarant's normal attack with the Kaiser Knuckles.


The Fairy Earrings have some good abilities, though Reis's Wind and Auto-Regen are better than Eiko's Regen spell. Body Temp is good to master for everyone, though few enemies use Heat and Freeze.

The Wind-boosting effect is good for Quina's Twister and Amarant's Kaiser Knuckles weapon, though Dagger and Eiko can also benefit from it if they use their rackets for physical damage.

The level up bonus to Spirit is good, but level grinding and min-maxing are unnecessary for a normal playthrough even when preparing for superboss encounters; the player can view any extra stats as simply a nice bonus.