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I am Fabula; the Guiding One.


Fabula (ファーブラ, Fābura?) is a minor character in the anime Final Fantasy: Unlimited. She has only two appearances within the series itself, instead appearing outside almost every episode to give a preview of the events to proceed and at the end to give a preview of the next episode. She is always seen within a winged clam like creature, which has the ability to fly and lift an entire carriage of the Interdimensional Train. She is voiced by Claire Hamilton in English and Kikuko Inoue in Japanese, the latter having also voiced Crux and later Hydaelyn as of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.


Her first true appearance is in the episode "Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent", where she consoles Ai Hayakawa, whom has just been separated from her brother, Yu, and Lisa Pacifist, and had her handbag stolen. After Ai sees a strange creature, Fabula names it Poshepoke, and gives it to Ai to help her in her journey.

Her second appearance is in the closing of the first half of the series, moments after the Interdimensional Train is destroyed by Omega. She uses her clam shell sanctuary to transport Lisa, Ai, Yu, and Chobi to safety, near the Comodeen's home base.

Musical theme[]

The track "Fabula's Mansion" (ファーブラの館, Fābura no tachi?) is played whenever Fabula appears to give recaps of a previous episode and previews of the next. It is the 22nd track in the Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Music Adventure Verse 1, composed by Shirō Hamaguchi.



Fabula is Latin for "tale", referring to Fabula's role as the series's narrator.