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Well, if it isn't Llofii! So kind of you to come all this way to take part in my research...


Fabineau quo Soranus also known as Fabineau the Heedless is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, he is a member of the IVth Imperial Legion as a commander in the legions mage detachment. He appears as a foe in the Zadnor plateau. He is Lofii's former commander, who ran the experiments on the monoceros and other magical beasts.


Early life[]

A centurion of the IVth Legion's mage contingent, Fabineau was the commanding officer of Llofii pyr Potitus prior to her defection, the trigger for which was his cruel experiments on the monoceros.

While appearing to be cultured, in the name of his research, there is no depth of savagery to which he will not stoop. Utterly devoid of empathy, he considers the lives of men and beasts alike to be worthless, and delights in tormenting those around him without the slightest twinge upon his conscience. Results are everything to this monster who speaks like a gentleman, and all else is but a means to an end. Egotistical in the extreme, he holds himself in the highest regard and unerringly believes himself right.

Yet self-absorbed as he is, there is one individual who is capable of breaking through that shell to rankle him: Sicinius mal Vellutus. A native of Garlemald, Sicinius is an academic elite who served as a researcher under Aulus mal Asina at the Resonatorium. When Ala Mhigo fell to the rebels, he was given the choice to return to his homeland, but opted instead to transfer to the IVth Legion, where he won the favor of the legatus and was made senior engineer. With his peerless talents and thirst for discovery, he ushered in numerous advances in magitek, his successes cementing his authority in the IVth such that none dared to challenge his use of men as test subjects in contravention to the legion's creed.

Though Fabineau's pride will not allow him to admit it, deep down he regards Sicinius as his foremost rival. And it is his desire not to be outdone by the latter that pushed him to immerse himself ever more in his magical research. This led him to conduct tests on arcane entities and beasts such as the monoceros with ever-escalating barbarity.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Fabineau appears in the southern plateau of Zadnor with a contingent of mages attacking a group of resistance soldiers along with his former soldier Llofii. Before he can be defeated however he tells Llofii to meet another traitor, Lovro aan Slanasch before teleporting away. He appears in the Western Plateau with three captured resistance soldiers, and some of his soldiers. Llofii arrives and he sacrifices the resistance soldiers to summon hellhounds. They are defeated and Fabineau engages Llofii and members of the resistance in battle, he summons more soldiers to his aid and brings forth baby chocobo's to sacrifice in order to empower his Hapi-ankh. His soldiers also summon dark elementals to tether to him and protect him. Llofii is horrified to witness what her former commander has down and states that he has no respect for any life. He states that her magic is also born from the selfsame torture, and dares her to strike him down with her own. He is finally killed in battle, denying his defeat and stating his research must go on before passing away.



Fabineau is a duskwight elezen with dark brown skin and blue eyes. He wears a Neo-Ishgardian hat of casting dyed white along with his Law's Corselet of Casting. He wears a black skirt under his armor with gold and white circles, along with black boots. He wields a Diamond Rod in battle.


Fabineau is a sadistic scientist devoted to gaining a vast amount of power through researching and sacrificing people and animals to power his, or his soldiers magic. He doesn't see animals as important and considers them to be dumb and worth the sacrifice. He is not opposed to sacrificing resistance members for his research and even sacrificed baby chocobos to empower his magic. He has a rivalry with the scientist Sicinius mal Vellutus and because of this has immersed himself deeper into his magical research. He is described as self-absorbed and prideful, being devoid of empathy, and has a egotistical personality.


Fabineau is seen on the battlefield in the southern and western plateau of Zadnor Zadnor, appearing in the skirmishes An Immoral Dilemma An Immoral Dilemma, and An End to Atrocities An End to Atrocities. he uses the spells Break III that will petrify any player caught within the circular AoE, and Requiem of Flame that is a massive interruptible AoE that will deal large fire damage to anyone caught in it.


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