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"FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - Wishes -" (FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 ~願い~, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 ~Negai~?) is the main theme of Final Fantasy XIII-2, composed by Masashi Hamauzu. The track features a mixture of piano, violin and other synthesized sounds.

Game appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

"Wishes" is the main theme and is very prominent in several musical pieces and rearrangements within the game. The track itself is heard at the title screen, when the player starts the game. The song can also be heard as a background theme during two in game cutscenes; when Serah Farron rescues Noel Kreiss from his dream world in the Void Beyond, and in Oerba 400 AF, when Mog chooses to stay with Serah. It is the third track of the first disc of the Final Fantasy XIII-2: Original Soundtrack.

"FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - The Future -"
Final Fantasy XIII-2 The Future

The most notable arrangement of "Wishes" is "FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - The Future -", which is often played during the game, for example, when Serah departs on her journey, after she escapes from her own dream world in the Void Beyond, and in the DLC episode "Requiem of the Goddess", when Serah's spirit speaks with Lightning in a white, empty void.

"Wishes" is also featured in all three of the main characters' themes. "Serah's Theme - Memories -", is a vocalized arrangement of "The Future", featuring the main melody of the track with added vocals sung by Frances Maya, who had previously sung the lyrics for Serah's original theme from Final Fantasy XIII. "Memories" is used in two cutscenes in which Serah's inner thoughts are heard through her narration: after the fight against the Proto fal'Cie Adam in Augusta Tower 200 AF, and when Serah decides not to remain in her dream world. Her theme also plays at the end of the DLC episode, "Perpetual Battlefield".

"Noel's Theme - Last Journey -", is a soft, brooding and mellow vocal version of Noel Kreiss's original theme set to "Wishes"'s motif, composed by Naoshi Mizuta and with vocals performed by KOKIA. It plays as Serah follows Noel throughout his dream world and later as the background theme of the Dying World. The main melody of the track strongly features a slower version of "Wishes" with a thinner musical texture.

"Lightning's Theme - Unprotected Future -" is a slowed down, calming variant of Lightning's original theme, also heavily featuring "Wishes", due its derivation from the iconic melody of "Blinded By Light", which shares its melody with Lightning's theme. Lightning's motif is heard during the cutscene where she meets Serah and Noel in New Bodhum 700AF, and becomes the background area theme after her departure. The theme is also briefly heard during the "Requiem of the Goddess" Downloadable Episode, when Lightning meets Paddra Nsu-Yeul and floats through the Historia Crux, reminiscing, following Chaos Bahamut's defeat.

Hope Estheim's motif in Final Fantasy XIII-2, "Hope's Theme - Tomorrow's Dream -", is a mixture of both the melody of "Wishes" and Hope's original theme from Final Fantasy XIII, but played in a jazzy yet acoustic tone, with a strong beat.

"Wishes"'s motif is also featured in tracks like the game's main battle theme, "The Last Hunter", "Missing Link", "Memories for the Future", and "Promise to the Future", as well as being noticeable in the themes of Caius Ballad and Yeul.

"Serah's Theme - Memories -" Edit

"Serah's Theme - Memories -"
Serah's Theme XIII-2

"Serah's Theme - Memories -" is Serah's leitmotif for Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is composed by Masashi Hamauzu and performed by Frances Maya.

When composing this piece, Hamauzu needed to take on the elements of Final Fantasy XIII and make the version for Final Fantasy XIII-2 match, if not surpass, the previous version. Hamauzu had an idea of combining two song pieces he came up with; the pieces were in 3/4 time and 4/4 time respectively, and at first he felt the need to change one to make them both match, but when he did so, one of the pieces lost its integrity, and so he deliberately put them together as they were. Hamauzu thinks this version has a more human feel than the last installment.[1]

"Serah's Theme" is also incorporated in the ending theme, "Closing Credits".

Lyrics Edit
You rest inside my mind
Since the day you came
I knew you would be with me
All the time we spent
What we shared was surely
Warm enough to know you cared for me
Light floods through memories
Helps me walk my path
I'll keep my head up high
Words of faith and love
Your strength gives me hope
Someday I'll find you with open arms

"Noel's Theme - Last Journey -" Edit

"Noel's Theme - Last Journey -"
Noel's Theme (Disc 4)

"Noel's Theme - Last Journey -" is Noel's second leitmotif. It was composed by Naoshi Mizuta and performed by KOKIA.

Lyrics Edit
Long ago, when I was just a boy
So alone then, last of my kind in the world
I believed futures could be reborn
I would go back in time, change what's to come
Hunting, searching for futures I've dreamed
Ever chasing, believing visions unseen
Hearing that hope is futile only inspires me not to give up
Valhalla is calling me to the end
I can hear now the beating hearts of lost friends
Pushing me to not forget them
As the last hunter, I'll find the key

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit

"FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - The Future -" plays during a scene in the Ark between Lightning and Lumina as Lightning talks about entering crystal stasis at the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Olga in Yusnaan sings "Serah's Theme - Memories -" for Lightning if she completes her sidequest, Songless Diva. Afterward Hope comments on it being Serah's song, and Lightning answers it was always her favorite.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Edit

"Noel's Theme - Last Journey -" is used as a Field Music Sequence, newly added for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

World of Final Fantasy Edit

WoFF wiki icon "Wishes" is mixed into Chocolatte's theme.

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