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F.F.VIII Circuit is a secret racing circuit in Chocobo Racing.

The circuit is based on Deling City from Final Fantasy VIII and somewhat resembles the city's original layout with the notable addition of a large gunblade fountain. The circuit includes the Presidential Residence, the shopping district, the Deling Station and the Gateway, all of which appeared in the original Final Fantasy VIII.

The crowd throughout the track has various monsters (such as Malboro and Bombs) and also a lot of SeeD and Galbadian Soldiers observing the race. Two large screens just before entering the tunnel feature the original Fighter/Warrior and Chocobo sprites. Gysahl Greens are also advertised all around the track.


FFVIII circuit map.jpg
Course No: 10
Course Length: 2,325 meters
Difficulty: 5/5

The track begins under the Galbadian Gateway and proceeds left for a right-hand-turn around a humanoid statue before straightening out again for a run towards the Presidential Residence. The track loops around the outskirts of the residence and briefly enters the parkland before emerging into the shopping district, which leads into a tunnel with sharp 90-degree turns.

The tunnel relinquishes to more parkland before descending the Deling Station stairway for a hairpin turn in the station itself. Ascending the stairway the track continues through more parkland, looping around a fountain featuring a large gunblade, before ending back under the Galbadian Gateway. The music for this course is a remix of Final Fantasy VIII's battle theme, "Don't Be Afraid".


Squall Leonhart
Squall in Chocobo Racing.

Squall Leonhart is even faster than Goblin and has good acceleration. His cornering is even worse than Goblin's, however. If the player has a good customized racer, winning this race will be a breeze. Like Behemoth and Bahamut, Squall keeps one type of attack stone no matter what rank he's in.

Ability: Gunblade - If the player is not in first place, using this will trigger Turbo until one gets into first place, and can only be stopped with a level 3 elemental magic (Fire, Ice, Bolt, etc.) or Mega Flare. If the player is close enough when passing another racer, they will attack them, rendering the racer unable to move for a few seconds. This ability takes the longest to charge at a whopping 1 minute 18 seconds long, moments after CPU Goblin's fourth Mug use.