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Ezel II is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. He is an major character in pixie beast tribe questline.


Tyr Beq and Ezel II.

Ezel II helps Tyr Beq and the Warrior of Darkness investigate the mystery behind Lyhe Mheg's gate seals. Since he is unable to devour the nightmares of Norvrandt's children, with the help of Tyr Beq they invoke a manifestation of nightmares for the Warrior of Darkness to face. Ezel II also investigates An Lad (the reincarnation of Titania), who declares themself responsible for events until they overcome their trauma and can live in Lyhe Mheg.




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During the As the Heart Bids As the Heart Bids quest, Ezel II helps the player as an allied in a solo duty. During duty the player needs to use the Solicit Siphon Snout command so that Ezel II devours the shadows.