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Extract Speed.

Extract Speed (スピードアタック, Supīdo Atakku?) is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy X[]

Extract Speed is an ability exclusive to the International and the HD Remaster versions, found on Tidus's section of the Standard Sphere Grid, and in Tidus and Rikku's section of the Expert Sphere Grid. It costs 1 MP and deals physical damage as well as inflicts Distill Speed on the target. It costs 20 Speed Spheres to teach it to an aeon.

Extract Speed replaces whatever item the defeated enemy was suppose to drop with Speed Sphere(s). One Speed Sphere is awarded for using Extract Speed, but two will be awarded for an Overkill. It is not required to Overkill an enemy with Extract Speed; as long as the party defeats the enemy with an Overkill, they'll get two Speed Spheres. If the defeated enemy was dropping Speed Sphere(s) for its normal drop, Speed Spheres obtained from the ability are added to the total. The Distill Speed status doesn't stack; inflicting a different Distill status will remove the current status.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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