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"Exponential Entropy"

"Exponential Entropy" is a boss theme from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for the Cruise Chaser, the boss of Alexander - The Heart of the Creator. It was composed by Masayoshi Soken.

Game appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[edit | edit source]

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"Exponential Entropy" is the boss theme of Cruise Chaser, and plays when he is fought in the Heart of the Creator. It is a mechanical, repetitive theme, possibly meant to foreshadow the stable time loop in which Alexander and his summoners travel. The passage about "triangulation" and "predestination" could refer to how Alexander is triangulating the Warriors of Light by only communicating with them through Quickthinx Allthoughts, and how not even Alexander can change the future without bringing ruin to it—so in the end, the victory of the Warriors of Light was predestined.

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The final two stanzas of "Exponential Entropy" are borrowed from the leitmotif of Alexander, Locus.

The third stanza of "Exponential Entropy" was used in a trailer for Soul Surrender, when revealing gear and Aquariums.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Forward and back and then forward and back
And then go forward and back, then put one foot forward (x4)
Transcendental minds unleashed
Exponential entropy
Forward and back and then forward and back
And then go forward and back, then put one foot forward (x8)
Time out of time (illumination)
Time out of time (illumination)
Time out of time (triangulation)
Time out of time (predestination) (x2)
Falling back right into the system of
Falling back on all that's erased
When fighting back right out of this system
Means falling back right into this space
Yes, falling back right in with the system
Who'll see you falling back to the end
When falling back is better than simply
Falling back into pieces again

Etymology[edit | edit source]

In mathematics, the exponential function is the function whose derivative is equal to itself. The exponential function has a higher rate of growth than most other commonly used functions, such as polynomials and as such is used in common speech to refer to a rapidly increasing quantity.

In thermodynamics, entropy is a quantity that represents the ability of a system to use its internal energy to do work, and because it is related to the number of possible microstates of the system, it is popularly used as a measure of "chaos" or "disorder". The Second Law of Thermodynamics guarantees that the total entropy of the Universe is always increasing, unlike most other physical quantities, which are conserved. As such, entropy is closely associated with time.

In psychology, triangulation is a technique used to manipulate an individual by only speaking to him or her through another individual.

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