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An exploration event is a type of event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. They are characterized by having an area map the player must explore in order to obtain rewards. Generally they do not feature collection points like those explorations found in the main scenario.


Unlike the other event types, exploration events are rather varied as to which their goals are, according to the sub-type they belong (though they aren't categorized in the game).

The first sub-type consists in exploring a map with several stages of difficulty, unlocking new areas of the map in each stage and having stronger enemies. After clearing a stage, the players are rewarded with a crafting recipe and their materials must obtained by repeatedly exploring the dungeon. To this sub-type belong the events Lands of Plenty, Demons Unleashed, Macalania Woods.

The second sub-type also involves unlocking new areas of a map by doing the different stages, but these are strictly based on events from previous Final Fantasy games, which Rain's party experience themselves in realistic visions. Such events are The Giant of Babel, The Crystal Tower, The Big Bridge and The Dreadnought.

The third sub-type consists of explorations wherein Rain's party unveiled memories relating to characters in the main scenario, expanding upon their stories. The player would guide Rain up to certain points in the map which triggered a cutscene, and with each difficulty, a new part of the area map (with new cutscenes) would be unlocked. There were three of these (Memories from the Aquapolis, Shadow of the Empire and The Empire of Light and Dark), but they were discontinued as their 'duty' of exploring side stories was taken over by story events.

The four sub-type is a single area map which must be cleared every day during the event period, as the dungeon missions change each day and give new rewards. This non-standard events are mostly Global-exclusive. To this category belong Lunar New Year, Festival of Love and Sun, Sand, and Sea (the latter two also have recipes like the first sub-type).

Finally, the most common and fifth sub-type are those explorations related to King Mog's series events, which appear during te second week of such events and come in two difficulties: Easy and Hard. These are area maps recreating certain locations from other Final Fantasy games (the sole exception being Latius Woods - Past). One mission always gives 10,000 units of the event currency if the player can fulfill it. These explorations open and end with a small cutscene involving Lasswell's party, reflecting on the events they witness. The dungeon boss is often a challenging one, for beginners at least.

List of exploration events[]

Event Origin Notes Region Duration
Japan Global
Lands of Plenty
FFBE Event- Lands of Plenty.png
FFBE Revisit the Dalnakya Cavern once more to craft a powerful legendary blade. January 15–19, 2016 September 18–22, 2016
June 20–24, 2016 (Rerun)
September 18–22, 2016 (Rerun)
Expedition - Into the Abyss
FFBE Event- Expedition - Into the Abyss.png
FFBE Revisit the Earth Shrine to fight powerful monsters and craft powerful abilities. January 21 - February 4, 2016 August 19 - September 2, 2016
The Giant of Babel
FFBE Event- The Giant of Babel.png
FFIV In a giant mechanical being, defeat the four Archfiends and their master. March 18 - April 1, 2016 October 14–28, 2016
June 5–15, 2017 (Rerun)
The Crystal Tower
FFBE The Crystal Tower.png
FFIII Explore the Crystal Tower and face the dark wizard, Xande. April 7–21, 2016 November 4–17, 2016
May 22–31, 2017 (Rerun)
The Big Bridge
FFBE Event- The Big Bridge.png
FFV Cross an iconic giant bridge and be challenged by a strange swordsman. May 1–15, 2016 November 25 - December 9, 2016
June 19–29, 2017 (Rerun)
Memories from the Aquapolis
FFBE Event- Memories of the Aquapolis.png
FFBE See the memories from the Olderion chapter, guided by a mysterious woman. May 20 - June 3, 2016 January 6 - February 2, 2017*(Extended by 1 week)
July 14–27, 2017 (Rerun)
Lunar New Year
FFBE Event- Lunar New Year.png
FFBE In the town of Lunar an annual celebration is held, but this year's has been interrupted by beasts. - January 27 - February 2, 2017
Trials of Love
FFBE Event- Trials of Love.png
FFBE Explore a cavern and defeat the monsters that live within to reclaim lovely rewards. - February 10–16, 2017
The Dreadnought
FFBE Event- The Dreadnaught.png
FFII Assist the Wild Rose Rebellion in destroying the ultimate warship of an evil empire. June 10–24, 2016 February 17 - March 2, 2017
August 7–16, 2017 (Rerun)
Shadow of the Empire
FFBE Event- Shadow of the Empire.png
FFBE July 15–29, 2016 May 5–18, 2017
September 22 - October 1, 2017 (Rerun)
The Empire of Light and Dark
FFBE Event Empire of Light and Dark.png
FFBE The empire's darkest hour: witness the last stand of the "Shield of the Empire". August 1–14, 2016 May 26 - June 8, 2017
Macalania Woods
FFBE Event Macalania Woods.png
FFX Catch butterflies in Macalania Woods for crafting while fighting terrible fiends. August 10–23, 2016 June 30 - July 14, 2017
March 30 - April 13, 2018 (Rerun)
The Web-Weaving Princess
FFBE Event The Web-Weaving Princess.png
FFXV ? December 1–7, 2017
Destroy the Reactor
FFBE Event Destroy the Reactor Exploration.png
FFVII ? December 22–29, 2017
June 1–7, 2018 (Rerun)
Nam-Yensa Sandsea - Exploration
FFBE Event Nam-Yensa Sandsea.png
FFII ? January 26 - February 1, 2018
Festival of Love
FFBE Event Festival of Love.png
FFBE - February 9–22, 2018
Escape from Alexandria Castle
FFBE Event Escape from Alexandria Castle.png
FFIX ? March 9–15, 2018
Mt. Gagazet - Exploration
FFBE Event Mt Gagazet.png
FFX ? April 13–19, 2018
Mt. Nibel - Exploration
FFBE Event Mt Nibel.png
FFVII ? May 18–24, 2018
Latus Woods - Past
FFBE Event Latius Woods Past.png
FFBE ? July 13–19, 2018
Dollet - Exploration
FFBE Event Dollet.png
FFVIII ? August 10–16, 2018
Shrine of Ru'Avitau - Exploration
FFBE Event Shrine of Ru'Avitau Exploration.png
FFXI ? September 7–13, 2018
Sun, Sand, and Sea
FFBE Event Sun Sand and Sea.png
FFBE - September 21 - October 4, 2018
Fodina Caestino - Exploration
FFBE Event Fodina Caestino.png
FFXV ? October 12–18, 2018
Big Bridge - Exploration
FFBE Event Big Bridge Exploration.png
FF Type-0 ? November 9–15, 2018
Gaea's Cliff - Exploration
FFBE Event Gaea's Cliff Exploration.png
FFVII ? January 18–24, 2019
Dome - Exploration
FFBE Event Dome.png
FFX ? February 8–14, 2019
Doga's Grotto - Exploration
FFBE Event Doga's Grotto.png
FFIII ? March 15–21, 2019

Japan-only explorations[]

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