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The Experiment is a boss from Final Fantasy X-2. Its stats depend on the assemblies dug up from Bikanel as part of the excavation minigame.

Stats Edit

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Battle Edit

The Experiment is no threat until it hits its maximum level, at which it can use its powerful Annihilator ability, of which can be learned as a Blue Bullet. It can only be fought once each time until level 5, and once the player runs out of repairing manuals, and if it is not defeated at level 5, the player will be unable to fight it at level 5.

Strategy Edit

Having Protect up at the start of the battle helps lessen the amount of damage it can deal while carrying several Mega-Potions and focusing around using Power Break (in the European version, it is immune) and Armor Break will go a long way.

A very easy way to defeat the Experiment is to use a Thief with First Strike ability, at critical HP, and equip her with a Cat Nip.

How to Level Up the Experiment Edit

To get an Episode Complete for Djose, the player must defeat the Experiment at level 5. The Experiment has three different areas: Defense, Attack, and Special. In order to increase these stats, the player has to dig up the corresponding assemblies in the Bikanel Desert.

Each Assembly has a rank: Z, S, and A. Each type is worth a different amount of points to the Experiments stats.

Assembly Type Point Value
Z 5
S 3
A 1
  • Example: Yuna has collected 1 Attack Assembly Z, 3 Attack Assembly S, and 1 Attack Assembly A. She has added 15 points to the Experiment's Attack stat.

The Experiment's level in each area will change as the Assemblies are collected. To check their progress, the player can either check the panel in Djose Temple (the panel where one applies for raises) to see how many of each type of assembly the player has collected, or they can ask the Al Bhed with the Experiment (the Experiment has to be repaired first).

Level Points Needed
Level 1 0-3 Points
Level 2 4-9 Points
Level 3 10-19 Points
Level 4 20-37 Points
Level 5 38 or more

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