The Exostars (皇星, Kōsei?, lit. Imperial Star), are a secret group of antagonists on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius debuting late into season two.


The Exostars are a secret force different from The Orders and working as the Emperor's Trump Card. While The Orders are in the Emperor's words "his daggers", the Exostars are "the poison at the tip".

The Exostars are called Inferno of the Obliterating Star (絶皇星のインフェルノ, Zetsukōsei no Inferuno?, lit. Inferno of the Absolute Star), Purgatorio of the Absolute Star (極皇星のプルガトリオ, Kyokukōsei no Purugatorio?, lit. Purgatorio of the Ultimate Star), and Paradiso of the True Star (真皇星のパラディーゾ, Shinkōsei no Paradīso?, lit. Paradiso of the True Star), aptly named after the three evolved variants of the Mirror of Equity technique.


The Exostars were created by Vlad several years ago before the present time. He used a technique of soul replication to duplicate the soul of Kagane, a powerful warrior and close friend of Ignacio.

The duplicated souls would be placed into monster bodies, thus creating Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. They would serve as a secret force for future Emperors to deploy in times of emergency. When not revealing their true forms they would appear under black cloaks.

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