Most ancient of the scions, created in opposition to Halmarut, the Arbiter, and scion of light. Tasked with keeping watch over the world, with the authority to judge the value of all things. As he watched, unseen, unknown, his attachment to the world dwindled and faded until it was as nothing. Fitting that he would desire to make the world, too, as nothing. Yet he fell in the war against the gods, and was thwarted, imprisoned in punishment for his heresy.

Clan Primer Bio

(Exodus the Judge-Sal, 審判の霊樹エクスデス?, lit. Shinpan no Reiju Ekusudesu) is an Esper from the world of Ivalice. The Esper of Aether, he represents the Zodiac sign of Libra, the Scale, and as such Exodus stands upon a platform with a scale. His color sign is orange due to being non-elemental. He is also referred to as the Tula Ascendant, which is the Sanskrit name of its Zodiac sign as used in Jyotish (Hindu) astrology.

Exodus is an alternate translation of Exdeath, and his title relates to Exdeath's origin as a tree. Exodus's body resembles Exdeath's knight form, albeit with a different head. In addition to this, his goal to reduce the world to a state of nothingness is identical to that of Neo Exdeath.


Final Fantasy XII

For the enemy page, see Exodus (Final Fantasy XII).

Exodus is found on the highest peak of the Mosphoran Highwaste, in the Empyrean Seat. The player must activate the shrines in a correct order to be able to reach it.


Template loop detected: Template:Video Comet: A non-elemental attack. Its damage is random, between 0 to Exodus's Max HP.

Meteor: A non-elemental attack, and Exodus's ultimate attack. Exodus stands on a crystalline pinnacle and, charging two small meteorites, he launches them into the atmosphere. A giant meteor plunges through the clouds and detonates above its target. Its damage is random.

License Information

  • Required License Points - 50 LP
  • Required Mist Charges - 2

Gambit Information

Priority Condition Action
1 Summon time remaining < 10s and

Self: Immobilized

2 Foe: any Comet


  • Attack: 98
  • Defense: 53
  • Magick Defense: 35

Exodus takes half damage from all elements.

Level Max HP Max MP Speed Strength Magic Vitality
1 2820-2821 23-25 26 53 46 26
10 2955-2978 50-70 28 58 51 28
20 3200-3266 90-140 30 64 57 30
30 3515-3638 131-212 33 70 63 33
40 3813-3990 181-302 35 76 69 35
50 4289-4555 224-378 37 82 75 37
60 4709-5053 264-448 40 88 81 40
70 4947-5333 294-498 42 94 87 42
80 5222-5657 324-548 44 99 92 44
90 5597-6101 344-578 47 99 98 47
99 6020-6603 353-587 49 99 99 49




  • Ignore weather and terrain effects.

Final Fantasy XII International

Exodus can cast Curaja and Ardor, and has gained Null Vitality and Piercing Magick augments.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Exodus Portrait RW

Judge-Sal who metes out justice from the heavens.

In-Game Description

Exodus returns, along with the other Espers, in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. He is the Rank III Flying Earth Yarhi. He is fought in Mission 68: Destiny in the Stars, in Gugoza Falls. The party goes there to view recent sightings of shooting stars, which reveal themselves to be none other than Exodus. When the Judge-Sal is defeated, Fran gains her Quickening, Gaze of the Void.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Exodus in FFTA
For the enemy page, see Exodus (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance).

Exodus is a totema of the viera race, and is obtained by fighting him in the dimensional rift. When summoned, Exodus is less damaging to viera. His attacks do damage to MP instead of HP.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Exodus appears as a Scion. He can be called by anyone equipping the Gift of the Judge-Sal when the Smash Gauge is orange. His attack is Meteor, which does 999 damage to a single target.


Exodus is Latin for "Going out", from ancient Greek ex- (out) hodos (way). Exodus is also a name for a book in the Bible.




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