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Equips "Exit" magic


FFVII Magic Materia Single Slot Exit is a Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the spells Escape and Remove. The former spell allows the player to escape from a battle immediately without a reward, while the latter removes an enemy from the battle with no spoils received.


Exit is a rare Materia only purchased from Rocket Town for 10,000 gil.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Escape
2 10000 Remove
3 30000 MASTER


Magic MP Effect
Escape 16 Instantly end battle without reward. Cannot be reflected.
Remove 99 Remove an enemy from battle and flag as Dead. No rewards will be received from this enemy. Cannot be reflected.


The Exit Materia grants the spell Escape at level 1, and Remove at level 2. Escape will end the battle with no rewards. Remove will eject an enemy from the battle and flag them as Dead with no gil reward, and cannot be reflected. Both spells are niche in their use, and simply exist to secure safety after a battle.

Exit comes with minor stat changes (+2% to MP and +1 Magic, but also -2% HP and -1 Strength), and has no requirement based on the casters' Magic stat. This means that any character can equip the Materia and benefit from its spells, providing they have the MP to support them.

Exit can be paired effectively with the Support Materia Sneak Attack, as it allows the spell to be cast before any enemy can fight. This allows the player to either run from a fight immediately if they encounter enemies they do not wish to battle, or Remove an enemy they do not wish to fight and instead fight other enemies. This can be useful during Chocobo battles, as Chocobos cannot be removed but the enemies they spawn alongside with can be.

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