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Exdeath is a warrior of Spiritus in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and its arcade version, representing Final Fantasy V. He is a Specialist-type character who controls the power of the Void. Exdeath returns from his original appearance in the 2008 Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, in which he had a very similar combat style.

Exdeath's default player name is Nameless Tree, and his manikin counterpart is renamed Arboreal Echo. Exdeath is the first antagonist in Dissidia NT to be classed as a Specialist.



Exdeath's default costume is "Dark Mage", his default attire from the Yoshitaka Amano artwork and his outfit in previous Dissidia games. His armor has a smooth luster and is slightly darker compared to previous titles. The first alternate coloration of this costume recolors Exdeath's armor indigo and cape white, based on Exdeath's 16-bit field sprite FFV exdeath sprite. The second alternate coloration is an updated version of his "Santalum Robe" attire from the PlayStation Portable Dissidia games, but with a whiter armor and a gray cape.

His first alternate costume is "Root of Evil", an updated version of his original attire while in EX Mode from the PlayStation Portable games, which in turn is based on Exdeath's true form. Its first alternate coloration is an updated version of his "Santalum Robe" attire while in EX Mode, with his armor whiter. The second alternate coloration recolors his armor and kilt black, and his cape white. It resembles Neo Exdeath's main body.


Exdeath equips greatswords as his main weapons. Unlike other sword wielders, Exdeath primarily attacks with the sword with telekinesis in the Dissidia series. Exdeath's alternate weapons have not appeared in prior Final Fantasy games, and are new and original for the Dissidia series. The naming and design of the weapons refer to both Exdeath's personality and arrogance in his powers.

His default greatsword is the Moore Branch, which has been featured in his Yoshitaka Amano art and in battles against him in Final Fantasy V. His first alternate weapon is Animus, a sword with a black handle and a bright blue blade where the tip splits in two. It has a large decorated guard with multiple jewels adorned across the sword. The jewels resemble those of Exdeath's decorated armor. His second alternate weapon is Predominance, a sword with a black handle, a golden and fanged guard, and an orange and black blade in a jagged, flame-like design. His third alternate weapon is the Void Sword whose main blade is segmented. It is sharp from the tip and diverges downwards as separate curved blades toward the hilt. The guard is spiked and colored silver with a purple crest in its center, while the handle is black and purple with a curved pommel.


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Exdeath is summoned as a warrior of Spiritus, but is unaware that he is back in World B. At the Void, Exdeath gloats to Bartz about how he has finally unlocked it. Bartz demands to know what he did to his friends, and the two duel. Cloud and Sephiroth "team up" with Bartz and Exdeath, respectively, while also dueling each other. Sephiroth concocts an escape plan, but does not share this with Exdeath until the planesgorgers arrive.

Exdeath emerges in Narshe, and after insulting Shantotto, duels her as well as Firion and Tidus. He is joined by Kefka who emerges from a dimensional portal. They knock Tidus into Pandaemonium, and greet Ultimecia. After Firion and Shantotto arrive, Exdeath witnesses Shantotto and Ultimecia insult each other before engaging in battle. A planesgorger arrives before Shantotto and her allies can escape. Exdeath is outraged with their presence, knowing Shinryu is responsible, before nonetheless continuing his duel. He and Kefka launch Firion to the portal, but he ends up saved by Jecht. Exdeath, Ultimecia, and Kefka arrive at Besaid shortly after Jecht, Tidus, and Firion, but they cannot continue their duel due to the planesgorgers' arrival on that world as well. Exdeath vows revenge against the planesgorgers and the cause of them before taking his leave.

When the heroes and villains meet to stage a battle to lure Shinryu out, Bartz tells Exdeath that though they are joining forces now, it is a temporary alliance. In response, Exdeath quietly places his hands over his blade hilt. During the battle, he attacks the Onion Knight using his blade telekinetically, and then parries Zidane's ambush from behind before teleporting away just as the Emperor uses Dreary Cell on them.

As soon as Shinryu arrives, Exdeath participates in the joint attack to defeat it, but is repelled. After regaining their composure, the warriors work together to defeat the dragon god. Afterwards, the moogles give Exdeath a crystal to host his memories for Spiritus to use in the new cycles of wars. With a crystal doppelgänger of himself to serve on Spiritus's behalf, Exdeath returns to his homeworld.

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Type: Specialist - Exdeath switches between the following modes by pressing L3.
  • Berserker increases attack potency and poise. EX Skill: Black Hole
  • Nullifier hinders opponents' common EX skill usage. EX Skill: Power of the Void
  • Hexer debuffs opponents. EX Skill: White Dwarf


Move Damage Input Type Power Frame Data Image
Sword Dance Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Ground DFF2015 Exdeath Sword Dance.png
Use sorcery to manipulate your sword into performing a series of deft blows.
Vacuum Wave Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Ground DFF2015 Vacuum Wave.png
Send a shockwave rushing toward your opponent.
Earth Shaker Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Ground DFF2015 Earthshaker.png
Send your opponent flying with an eruption of rocks from beneath their feet. (Opponent cannot recover during combo)
Sword Dance Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Aerial DFF2015 Exdeath Sword Dance.png
Use sorcery to manipulate your sword into performing a series of deft blows.
Abasing Rush Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Aerial DFF2015 Gloom Charge.png
Position your sword in front of you before charging toward your target.
100 Gs Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Aerial DFF2015 100 Gs.png
Send a powerful magic projectile to pursue your opponent.
Reverse Polarity Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Dash DFF2015 Reverse Polarity.png
Teleport to the position indicated by the magic symbol you send forth and follow up with an attack. If your attack hits, you may cancel it into another bravery attack. (Hold to charge)
Delta Attack HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png DFF2015 Delta Attack.png
Unleash a wave of arcane energy at midrange. Charging increases range.
Maelstrom HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png DFF2015 Maelstrom.png
Manifest a tornado at your foe's position that remains for a short period of time.
Almagest HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png DFF2015 Almagest.png
Release the power of the Void on nearby foes. Hold to reduce the movement speed of enemies in your immediate area. (Can move while casting)
Omni Block HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png DFF2015 Omni Block.png
Erect a barrier that deflects bravery attacks (and HP attacks if charged), creating a window for counterattacks. (Can move while casting)
Mode Change Special L3 -
Changes modes in the following order: berserker, nullifier, hexer.
  • In Berserker mode, Exdeath's attacks are more potent, he can interrupt more easily, and has more poise.
  • In Nullifier mode, landing attacks fills his EX skill gauges faster while preventing enemies from using common EX skills.
  • In Hexer mode, Exdeath's attacks also diminish the attack, potency, defense, and movement speed of the enemies they hit, at the expense of Exdeath's own attack potency.
Black Hole EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon.png DFF2015 Exdeath Black Hole.png
Attack your opponent and spawn a black hole on top of them, applying a debuff that rapidly decreases their bravery.
  • The Black Hole debuff will be removed from your target after a certain period of time passes, after you are hit, after your target's bravery returns to default value after being broken, or after their bravery returns to default after landing an HP attack.
Power of the Void EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon.png DFF2015 Power of the Void.png
Create an area around yourself within which EX skills cannot be used.
White Hole EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon.png DFF2015 White Hole.png
Temporarily increase the effects of debuffs while in hexer mode. Furthermore, your attacks will apply debuffs even when you are in other modes.