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You aren't like the others... dogs clinging to a magister's boot.

Ewen to Luso

Ewen is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He is a member of Khamja working under Illua.



Ewen has short, spiky blonde hair and yellow eyes. He dresses in a rather stylish, dark blue ninja outfit with black armored gloves under dark blue armguards. He wears dark blue ninja hakama and black metal greaves. He has a normal ninja's hat, a purple half-mask, and a long, grey cloak.


Ewen is a quiet, serious man who looks down on the clans as cowards. As Illua's second-in-command, Ewen seems to believe he is more important to her than he really is, seen when he is KO'd and wordlessly looks at Illua before dying after she remarks that he is merely a pawn.


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Ewen's first appearance is late at night in Graszton, after Cid visits an old acquaintance for information on the whereabouts of the ancient mage Lezaford. As Cid leaves through a deserted alley, Ewen suddenly appears. His conversation with Cid suggests that the two have known each other in the past. Ewen then draws a gun and shoots Cid, warning the Revgaji to keep his nose in his own business. Luso arrives in time to take Cid to an inn, where he remains incapacitated for a time.

Ewen next appears at the Rupie Mountains, where he offers to buy Clan Gully's judge for one million, then two million gil, and fights the party after they refuse. Upon his defeat, he flees, but not before noting that Luso is not like other adjudged clan leaders. Ewen leaves behind a shard of magicite after he teleports away.

He appears later on to reclaim that piece of magicite he dropped during that battle, and continues to be a recurring enemy. However, after any of the aforementioned missions, if Ewen is KO'd, it can be presumed that he is dead, as Illua will remark: "A pity. I do hate to lose a piece, even a mere pawn".

He also appears in certain sidequests, his presence revealing that certain enemies were in the employ of Khamja. If Ewen has been killed before the player undertakes these sidequests, Horeme will act as his stand-in.

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Ruthless assassins who dwell in shadow. There is no sound as they draw their blades, only the deadly flash of steel.

Nightfall description

Ewen's battle sprite is very similar to that of a Ninja, and his Nightfall (ダークトート, Dāku Tōtō?, lit. Dark Thoth) job is a very powerful class with Ninjutsu abilities. Ewen wields Katanas in battle making him an extremely agile and dangerous opponent and has been seen using a gun to silence Cid. Ewen also has the Impervious Passive ability, which grants him immunity against debuffs. His frequent use of Ninja Tabi and knowledge of Khamja's dark magicks only increase his litheness and destructive potential.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Ewen appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as a Lightning-elemental Forward card.