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Below is a list of events in Final Fantasy Dimensions II.

Daily Events[edit | edit source]

God stones event[edit | edit source]

Depending on the day of event, players can challenge the event to obtain God stones and other elemental materials.

Day Lv AP Main Rewards Secret Reward Lv AP Main Rewards Secret Reward
Monday 15 5 Dark Stones Dark Plate 30 10 Dark Plates Dark God Stone
Tuesday 15 5 Fire Stones Fire Plate 30 10 Fire Plates Fire God Stone
Wednesday 15 5 Water Stones Water Plate 30 10 Water Plates Water God Stone
Thursday 15 5 Light Stones Light Plate 30 10 Light Plates Light God Stone
Friday 15 5 Wind Stones Wind Plate 30 10 Wind Plates Wind God Stone
Saturday 15 5 Earth Stones Earth Plate 30 10 Earth Plates Earth God Stone

Big Tail Collection event[edit | edit source]

In this event, players hunt elemental flans in order to gain Big Tails for exp.

Day Lv AP Main Rewards Lv AP Main Rewards
Monday 15 5 Dark Big Tail III Dark Big Tail IV 30 10 Dark Big Tail IV Dark Big Tail V
Tuesday 15 5 Fire Big Tail III Fire Big Tail IV 30 10 Fire Big Tail IV Fire Big Tail V
Wednesday 15 5 Water Big Tail III Water Big Tail IV 30 10 Water Big Tail IV Water Big Tail V
Thursday 15 5 Light Big Tail III Light Big Tail IV 30 10 Light Big Tail IV Light Big Tail V
Friday 15 5 Wind Big Tail III Wind Big Tail IV 30 10 Wind Big Tail IV Wind Big Tail V
Saturday 15 5 Earth Big Tail III Earth Big Tail IV 30 10 Earth Big Tail IV Earth Big Tail V
Sunday 15 5 N-Elem Big Tail III N-Elem Big Tail IV 30 10 N-Elem Big Tail IV N-Elem Big Tail V

Sunday-based events[edit | edit source]

Rewards of the daily event (above).

Event Duration: Entire day.

Timeless Ore event[edit | edit source]

This ore is needed for strengthening timeless weapons.

Area Lv AP Cost Sub Rewards
40 10 N-Elem Big Tail III
Babil points x100
80 15 N-Elem Big Tail IV
Babil points x100

Crystal Fragment event[edit | edit source]

This event only drop crystal fragments which fill crystal cores to become "Master Crystals".

Area Lv AP Cost Rewards
50 10 N-Elem Big Tail III
Babil points x100
80 15 N-Elem Big Tail IV
Babil points x100

Babil point events[edit | edit source]

An example of the various rewards possible.

The item voucher cash shop

This type of event was implemented in order to test the various limits of the players. These type of events will take a form of eidolon training and many other activities. Upon the completion of each individual round, the reward section will show Babil points and Item vouchers and the rewards will increase in difficulty.

Five or fifty item vouchers are needed for an one-time draw in the cash shop, where the player is rewarded with one or ten items randomly selected from the table below.

Possible Rewards
Non-Elem Big tail V & VI Summon voucher AP recovery voucher
Stats boost I-II Babil points 1,000 - 10,000 Event materials
Master Crystal Crystal core Crystal fragment

The Legends Caravan[edit | edit source]

The reward menu of the LV 150 round.

The Legends Caravan is a monthly event, where players can collect item points to exchange many valuable items.

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