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This article is about the social game Final Fantasy Record Keeper that's continually being updated. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate or likely to change. Please look over our policy for updating articles covering live content before editing this page.

In Final Fantasy Record Keeper, an Event is any Dungeon or group of Dungeons selected to provide additional challenges and bonuses to the player, usually available for a limited time on the game's server.

Types of Events[]

There are five types of Events that are or have been in play from the game's release:

Start and duration[]

All events will begin at 0100/1:00 a.m. UTC*(No offset given for Summer Time) (5:00 p.m. US/Pacific the previous day) a minimum of 24 hours after they have been announced on the game server. The typical duration of such events ranges from ten to fourteen days after they appear online.

Reissues and revivals

Events may be reissued or revived under certain conditions:

  • Early in the game's history, events were reissued as new features were deployed. Players who participated in an original event would be eligible to participate in the reissue and collect new sets of rewards. Only two events have been reissued in this manner: Light Against the Darkness and To Slay a Sorceress.
  • Events can also be revived if they are part of a broader campaign, or if technical issues prevent participation at any time during their original run. When an event has been revived, all previous progress and reward collection history is retained, but missed items can be collected during the revival period. Women of the World and Family Secrets were revived due to maintenance issues, while Sleeping Mountain was also part of a Final Fantasy XV campaign that occurred in August 2017. A mass revival of all 2016-17 events, tagged "Renewal Dungeons", occurred in mid-October 2017 on the tail of the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Parade campaign.
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