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Euvhi, often referred to as "flowers" by players, are found in two states: open and closed. They are able to detect by true sound at very long distances and are often passive unless attacked. They remain in their open or closed state when left alone, however, when attacked will change states every minute or so. When in an open state, damage taken by the Euvhi is doubled. Inflicting a large amount of damage to an Euvhi in an open state will cause it to close.

Defeated Euvhi may drop all types of Crystal Clusters, along with Euvhi Organs and Luminian Tissues.

Special attacks Edit

  • Axial Bloom: AoE Bind.
  • Efflorescent Foetor: Cone attack Blind and Silence.
  • Morning Glory: AoE damage.
  • Nutrient Absorption: Single target Drain.
  • Stupor Spores: AoE damage and Sleep.
  • Vertical Cleave: Single target damage.
  • Viscid Nectar: Cone attack Slow.

Gallery Edit

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