An Etude is a type of song from Final Fantasy XI. There are 14 different etudes broken down into two tiers. The first tier, lower level songs, increase one particular stat for an individual party member by 4-7, depending on total instrument and singing skill. The second tier will increase this by up to 14, depending on total instrument skill. Etude's strength and duration can be increased by using particular instruments.

Effect Tier 1 Song Tier 2 Song
Increases Agility Quick Etude Swift Etude
Increases Dexterity Dextrous Etude Uncanny Etude
Increases Charisma Enchanting Etude Bewitching Etude
Increases Intelligence Learned Etude Logical Etude
Increases Mind Spirited Etude Sage Etude
Increases Strength Sinewy Etude Herculean Etude
Increases Vitality Vivacious Etude Vital Etude
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