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Etherian is a Rare Game enemy fought in Cerobi Steppe in Final Fantasy XII. Its appearance is that of the Jelly.

Bestiary entry[]

Derivation: Jelly

A flan whose jelly transformed into an entirely novel substance due to a sudden change in its habitat.
This strain, as yet unrecorded in the Camp annals, is hunted on the Cerobi Steppe.


How to find[]

Once the player has vanquished all the foes in the Northsward area of the Cerobi Steppe, Etherian will drop from the sky to the very spot where the last foe was killed. It spawns no matter what the present weather conditions are.

High Arcana farming[]

After Etherian has been killed, the player can simply zone out and return, and it will respawn in-between the windmills on the east side, next to the trap. Because it respawns so easily, Etherian can be used for farming High Arcana, a loot needed for making some of the best bazaar goods.



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