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Restores 150 MP. The effect decreases if used in the field.


The Ether is an MP-healing item in Final Fantasy IX that is not available in normal shops. It heals more MP when used mid-battle (150 MP as opposed to 100 MP) and is compatible with Chemist. When used on undead targets, it damages MP instead.


Mene's shop.

Ethers are not sold in normal shops, but Stiltzkin has it in his item packs for sale in Burmecia, Cleyra, Fossil Roo, Conde Petie Mountain Path, and Bran Bal. Ethers are also rarely dug up during Chocobo Hot and Cold and bought from Mene for 450 Chocobo Hot and Cold points. An Ether is also a reward for catching five frogs and for doing poorly in the sword fight impressing nobles in the beginning of the game. An Ether can also be a random reward by giving a Kupo Nut to Moguta in Gizamaluke's Grotto.

The only synthesis shop where the player can get Ethers is the hidden one in the final dungeon, made for 500 gil, an Echo Screen, and a Vaccine.

An Ether is found at the beginning of the game in Alexandria's synthesis shop AlexandriaSynthesist, and in the M.S. Prima Vista cabin PrimaVistaCabin, left hallway PrimaVistaHallwayCrashed, and the storage room PrimaVistaStorage, when the ship is in Evil Forest.

Another Ether is found in Ice Cavern: in the second path screen FFIXIceCavernIcePath2, on the right side, there is a strange wall that Vivi can break with his magic, to reveal an Ether. In Dali Underground storage area DaliStorageArea1, behind the barrel, the player can jump on a crate, which will allow them to jump on to another crate where a chest containing an Ether is. There is an Ether in Lindblum Castle guest room LindblumCastleGuestRoom.

After leaving Lindblum on foot, the player can head to Bohden Gate on the world map SouthGateBohdenArch and find an Ether there. One is found in a Burmecia residence BurmeciaResidence4, behind a fireplace. There is an Ether outside Queen Stella's house in Treno TrenoQueen'sHouse1, and in Cleyra's Trunk sand switch area CleyraTreeTrunk4. There is an Ether in Cleyra's inn CleyraInn and behind a pillar in the cathedral CleyraCathedral3. One is also obtained from saving Tree Oracle Wylan during the Battle of Cleyra.

After returning to Lindblum as part of the story, there is an Ether in Card Freak Dan's house in the Business District LindblumResidence1Destruction. In Fossil Roo, there is an Ether in the Switch #1 path (east route) FossilRooCavern3. Another is found in Black Mage Village item shop bookcase BlackMageVillageItemShop. There is one in Conde Petie Mountain Path lower path near the exit MountainPathRoots5 and in Iifa Tree inner roots third area toward the bottom in a small cave on the right IifaTreeInnerRoots3.

After returning from the Outer Continent, there is an Ether on Alexandria Castle's gondola station AlexandriaCastleCourtyard2Day. After the Battle of Alexandria, there is an Ether on the side of the main street AlexandriaMainStreet3Destruction.

Later on, there is an Ether in Mount Gulug, house to the left of the entrance MountGulugRoom1. There are also three Ethers in Quan's Dwelling, two in the hot springs area Quan'sDwellingCave1 and one up the ladder in the residence Quan'sDwellingCave2.

Bubble north of Iifa Tree.

Ethers are also found as chocobo treasures. There are nine in the bubble directly north of Iifa Tree. There are four in the Streamside chocograph ChocographLoc01, five in the Forgotten Lagoon chocograph ChocographLoc07, four in Abandoned Lagoon chocograph ChocographLoc09, three in Bird's-eye Lagoon chocograph ChocographLoc10, seven in Forbidden Forest chocograph ChocographLoc13, and five in Forgotten Plains chocograph ChocographLoc16.

Ethers can drop from Adamantoise, Agares, Anemone, Armstrong, Ash, Behemoth (B), Blazer Beetle, Cactuar, Cerberus, Crawler, Dracozombie, Drakan, Garuda, Gigan Octopus, Gigan Toad (B), Grand Dragon, Grenade, Griffin, Grimlock Red, Hecteyes, Hedgehog Pie, Hornet, Ironite, Iron Man, Ladybug, Land Worm, Lamia, Lich (Crystal), Magic Vice, Lizard Man, Malboro, Maliris (Crystal), Mandragora, Mimic, Mistodon (A and B), Myconid, Nymph, Ochu, Red Dragon, Sahagin, Sand Golem, Seeker Bat, Serpion, Shell Dragon (B), Soldier (A and B), Stroper, Tonberry, Type A, Veteran, Whale Zombie, Wyerd, Yan, Yeti, Zaghnol, Zuu, Black Waltz 2, Antlion (A), Ralvuimago, Ark, Valia Pira, Amdusias (B), Abadon (A), Nova Dragon, Maliris, Tiamat, Kraken, Lich, Deathguise, and Ladybug (Friendly).

Ethers can be stolen from Abomination, Amdusias (A), Armodullahan, Armstrong, Axe Beak, Blazer Beetle, Bomb, Cactuar, Catoblepas, Cerberus, Dracozombie, Feather Circle, Gargoyle, Garuda, Gigan Octopus, Gnoll, Grand Dragon, Grenade, Grimlock (Red and Blue), Magic Vice, Ochu, Ogre (A and B), Red Dragon, Sahagin, Skeleton, Sand Scorpion, Stilva, Tiamat (Crystal), Tonberry, Type B, Vepal, Veteran, Zaghnol, Zemzelett, Zombie, Sealion, Lani, Scarlet Hair, Antlion (B), Amdusias (B), Abadon (A), Kuja, Trance Kuja, Tantarian, and Eiko (Mirror).


FFIX Ether.png

Ether are used to restore MP. They are better used mid battle than on the field, as they will restore more then. They are best used with Chemist to restore 300 MP per bottle. Though Ethers cannot be bought from normal shops, they are fairly plentiful and the player does not need to conserve them or be stingy about using them. Another way to restore MP is to use a Tent on the field.

When used on undead enemies, they will damage the target's MP. However, there is no particular benefit in doing this, as the player could use a cheaper Phoenix Down on undead enemies instead.