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"Eternal Wind" (悠久の風, Yūkyū no Kaze?) is the main theme of Final Fantasy III. It was originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. A popular theme within the series, "Eternal Wind" was called "quite possibly be the best world map music" in a video game by an online source.[1]

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy III[]

"Eternal Wind" was first released in the original version's soundtrack, of which it was the seventh track. It was subsequently re-recorded for the original soundtrack of the DS version, of which it is the ninth track. It was also included in the theme for the 3D remake's introduction video, "Zephyr Memories - Legend of the Eternal Wind", the first track of the original soundtrack.

"Eternal Wind", being the main theme, plays on the world map of both the Floating Continent and Overworld. It does not play in the world map of the submerged Overworld. Its theme is also included in the ending theme.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

In the bar in Ruffian a singer performs a vocal arrangement of "Eternal Wind". A full arrangement of the song appears on the Original Soundtrack PLUS.


Japanese Kanji
まぶしい闇 遠き破裂
Japanese Romaji
Haruka na Kaze
Doko kara ka
Sabaku no umi (yea)
Nadete yuku
Mabushii Yami tooki hanatsu
Eien no kagayaki (hee)
Himetsu no kotoba ni michibikare
Konya tabi ni deyo
Yaketsuku sora
Kawaku ame (hee)
Hibike kono koe
Doko made mo
Feel the wind eternal
Sweepin' 'cross the land
Over sea and desert
Stirrin' waves and sand
Lost within the darkness, I am blinded by light
A radiance that breaks endless night
Now a secret beckons, let it show us the way
Together we will find the break of day
Beneath the fiery sky
Where the rain runs dry
Let my song be lifted
By the wind on high

Final Fantasy XIV[]

A rearranged version of "Eternal Wind" plays in the ending cutscene of the Crystal Tower storyline. It was arranged by Masayoshi Soken.

It is the 57th track in Before the Fall: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.

Another arrangement of "Eternal Wind" later appears in "Shadowbringers", the main theme of the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion. A piano arrangement called "Eternal Wind (Shadowbringers)" plays near the end of 5.3, before confronting Elidibus and before G'raha Tia's full crystallization at the Crystal Tower in the First. Players can get craft an orchestrion roll of the soundtrack with a Blank Grade 3 Orchestrion, Enchanted Dimythrite ink, and Faded copy of "To the Edge".

"Eternal Wind (Shadowbringers)" was arranged by Daiki Ishikawa and is the 45th track in Death Unto Dawn: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.

Final Fantasy XV[]

The original version and the Dissidia Final Fantasy arrangement appear in the music player. The original is the third track of Memories of FFIII purchased from Coernix Station - Alstor for 100 gil. "Eternal Wind -arrange- (from FINAL FANTASY III)" appears in the Final Fantasy XV music player as part of the Memories of DISSIDIA FF album bought from Old Lestallum for 500 gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

An arrangement of "Eternal Wind" by Takeharu Ishimoto plays in the Destiny Odyssey III storyline stage boards. Known as "Eternal Wind -arrange- from FINAL FANTASY III", it is the fourteenth track of the first disc of the original soundtrack.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The Dissidia arrangement of "Eternal Wind" is used as the Onion Knight's world map theme.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

"Eternal Wind -DFF arrange- from FINAL FANTASY III"

"Eternal Wind - DFF arrange - from FINAL FANTASY III" is a new arrangement by Takeharu Ishimoto it is the ninth track of the first disc of the original soundtrack. It is a default theme. The original NES version can be bought from the shop for 3,600 gil.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

"Eternal Wind" is the Field Music Sequence used for the Final Fantasy III Series Play. It is also one of the Field Music Sequences that may play in a Dark Note, with a more random assortment of marks than in the basic three difficulties. The theme appears on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Compilation Album.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

"Eternal Wind" is used as a Field Music Sequence.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival[]

"Eternal Wind" is a Field Music Sequence that is available to the player by default.

Beginner Basic Expert Ultimate Transcendent
N/A 3 5 9 12

World of Final Fantasy[]

A version of "Eternal Wind" appears as the background music in the town of Saronia.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

"Eternal Wind" is included as part of the 7th anniversary medley.

Arrangement album appearances[]

Final Fantasy III: Eternal Legend of the Wind[]

An arranged "Eternal Wind" is present on the second track of the Final Fantasy III: Eternal Legend of the Wind album, "Following the Wind". It begins at 4:36 and ends at 7:05, with an instantaneous switch to the Final Fantasy III "Battle 1". It is the second track of the album.

Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow[]

Have a cup of cocktail while this bossa nova-style song creates an adult mood. It is fascinating how songs can change so much by an arrangement.

Liner notes to "Yuukyuu no Kaze" on Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow album

"Yuukyuu no Kaze" ("Eternity's Wind") is a vocal arrangement of "Eternal Wind", performed by Risa Ohki. It is sung in Portuguese. It is the second track of the album.


Seu cabelo comprido
Se balança no vento
Seu sorriso lindo
Brilha só pra mim
Ah! Ninguem pode ser feliz
Mais que eu
Ah! Não posso viver
Mais sem você
Ah! Quem criou essa beleza assim?
Pra mim você é a rainha
A deusa do amor!
Seu cabelo comprido
Se balança no vento
Ai, que linda!
English translation[]
Your long hair,
Flows in the breeze;
Your beautiful smile,
Shines only for me
Ah! No one can be
Happier than I!
Ah! I can't live anymore
Without you!
Ah! Who created such a beautiful thing?
To me, you're a queen
The goddess of love!
Your long hair,
Flowing in the breeze
Oh, how lovely!

Final Fantasy Remix[]

This album features a trance remix of the 3D version of the theme by music duo Ante. It is the second track of the album.

Guitar Solo Final Fantasy Official Best Collection[]

A classical guitar arrangement of "Eternal Wind" was featured in this album performed by Yuji Sekiguchi. It is the seventh track of the album.

Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III[]

A piano arranged version of the theme appears on this album by Hiroyuki Nakayama. It is the twelfth track of the album.

Live orchestra performances[]

Tour de Japon: Music from Final Fantasy[]

"Eternal Wind" was part of the "Final Fantasy Medley I-III 2004", a piece performed during a concert tour featuring music from the Final Fantasy series that toured Japan from March 12th to April 16th, 2004. It is the tenth track of the album of the concert's recording.

Distant Worlds IV: more music from FINAL FANTASY[]

An orchestral arrangement performed by Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus is included on this album, called "Zephyr Memories -Legend of the Eternal Wind-".

Compilation album appearances[]

Final Fantasy Vinyls[]

"Eternal Wind" is included on the second disc of this collector's edition set.

Appearances outside Final Fantasy media[]

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable[]

An arrangement of "Eternal Wind" is included in this crossover between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest for the PlayStation Portable. It has similarities to its remaster for the Final Fantasy III 3D release.

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