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Eternal Trooper is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Insomnia.


Despite the fall of the empire, this soldier keeps marching on. With no one around to maintain it, it no longer operates as efficiently as it once did, but this unit nevertheless exhibits increased strength due to the plasmodic miasma that pollutes the air.
Size: 5 ft. 11 in. Weight: 203.2 lb.



Eternal Troopers in the Insomnia subway in FFXV

Eternal troopers in battle.

Eternal troopers are weak to firearms, shields and fire, and resist lightning. In the Windows and Royal Editions they may appear alongside eternal artillerymen. The troopets shoot at the party with their magitek rifles and stay in formation. When the player is near them they use melee attacks.

When they take damage their construction weakens revealing they are skeletal robots underneath their suits of armor, and they disperse into miasma as they die. They can be killed in a headshot with the Cerberus sniper rifle in scope mode (this is easy in Wait Mode).


Eternal troopers are easy to defeat, but can be annoying if they barrage the player with gunfire from the sidelines while fighting other enemies. Throwing elemancy at them when they are grouped gets rid of them fast, or the player can simply mow them down with warp-strikes, normal attacks and Techniques, as well as the Ring of the Lucii.


  • The eternal trooper yields less EXP than the official guide indicates.

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