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Esunaga in Final Fantasy XII.

Esunaga (エスナガ, Esunaga?) is a White Magic spell in the series, and generally an upgraded version of the Esuna spell, targeting all allies. It heals its targets from status ailments.


Final Fantasy XII[]

A White Magick 7 License, Esunaga costs 14,900 gil and 55 License Points. It removes most status ailments with the initial cost of 72 MP.

In the Zodiac versions, Esunaga is a White Magick 11 License. After the party fells Hydro, Esunaga can be bought from the Baknamy merchant in the Necrohol of Nabudis for 12,000 gil. It can be used by the job classes White Mage and Monk, though Monks must first obtain the Esper Chaos License.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Penelo learns Esunaga at level 12. It removes negative status ailments from allies in range.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

The Sage can learn Esunaga, which removes all status ailments from allies. The effect is the same as of the White Mage's Refresh spell, but in an area.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Esunaga is the fully charged form of Esuna. It cures all status ailments on all party members. It is learned during Moglin's "DFMG-102: Elementary Defense Magic II" lecture in Chapter 3. It requires a Defense Magic stat of 50.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Removes all status effects from all allies.


Esunaga is a Fusion Ability. It removes all status effects from all allies. It requires the abilities Esuna and Angelic Aria and can be used by the Warriors of Light for 82 MP.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

Esunaga is an active ability that removes status ailments from all targets for 8 AP. It can be used by Cocadrille and Sylphine.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Bravely series[]

Esunaga in Bravely Default.

In Bravely Default, Esunaga is a level 5 White Magic. It cures poison, blind, silence, sleep, paralyze, dread, berserk, confuse, and charm for all targets. It costs 27 MP to use and can be bought in Eternia for 3200 pg.

In Bravely Second: End Layer, Esunaga is a level 4 White Magic for the White Mage. It cures the targets of the status ailments poison, blindness, silence, sleep, paralysis, dread, berserk, confusion, and charm. It cannot be reflected. It costs 36 MP to use. It can be bought in Yunohana and Chompshire for 3200 pg.



Esuna (エスナ?) comes from the first kana of Eikyū ((エイ)(キュウ)?, lit. Eternal), Sutētasu (ステータス?, lit. Status) and Naoshi ((ナオ)()?, lit. Cure). This suffix succeeds from single ailment healing spells such as Poisona from the original Final Fantasy.