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Remove all detrimental status effects.


Esuna is a magic spell in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". It is the second-level spell granted by Cleansing Materia Cleansing Materia, and removes all negative status effects from a target.


Magic Materia Magic Materia Cleansing Materia Cleansing Materia
Effects Removes all negative statuses from target
Interrupt stats Interrupted by attacks with ≥40 interrupt strength
Compatible Support Materia Support Materia Magnify Materia Magnify Materia
Synergy Materia Synergy Materia


Esuna costs 12 MP and can be cast by characters with the cleansing materia at level 2. Many debuffs, including Toad Toad, Sleep Sleep, Silence Silence, and Stop Stop, can be critical, making Esuna worthwhile to rescue otherwise useless characters from dangerous situations. Though Esuna removes Poison Poison, if this is the only debuff one wants to remove, it is better to simply cast Poisona Poisona to save MP.

As an alternative to Esuna, many items can cure various debuffs, and Remedy will remove them all. In addition, various accessories provide immunities, meaning Esuna will not be required. Cleansing materia later provides the Resist Resist spell, preventing any debuffs from applying entirely.

To use Esuna most effectively, it is important to equip the cleansing materia on a character who is less likely to be debuffed themselves, as this could prevent using the spell. It may be ideal to equip the user with accessories to prevent them from being debuffed. As Esuna has no dependence on the Magic Magic attribute, it can be used by anyone. The main drawback is that the cleansing materia takes up a materia slot, which could be given to a different materia, and that casting Esuna uses MP.


Esuna (エスナ?) comes from the first kana of Eikyū ((エイ)(キュウ)?, lit. Eternal), Sutētasu (ステータス?, lit. Status) and Naoshi ((ナオ)()?, lit. Cure). This suffix succeeds from single ailment healing spells such as Poisona from the original Final Fantasy.