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Removes most status ailments from the target.


Esuna, also known as Remedy,[1][2] is a Healing spell in Final Fantasy VI. It cures darkness, poison, petrify, silence, confuse, sap, sleep, slow, and stop from one target. It is learned through magicite.

Esuna is also an enemy ability used by Level 50 Magic, Level 80 Magic, Cherry, and Desert Hare.


Unicorn teaches it at a rate of x3, while Seraph teaches it at a x4 rate, Alexander at a x15 rate, and Lakshmi at a x20 rate.


Esuna is a very valuable heal due to the statuses it cures. Because many of them (such as petrify, silence, confuse, stop, and sleep) can be potentially devastating to a party member, it is extremely important to cast the spell as soon as a party member is inflicted with such a crippling status.

Esuna has five times the MP cost of Poisona. As such, if a party member is afflicted only with poison or sap, Poisona should be used instead. Notably, Esuna does not cure the imp status, meaning the Imp spell also needs to be learned. When trying to remove a positive status effect on an enemy, Dispel should be used.

Because Esuna is unaffected by the caster's Magic stat and the spell is so important, it should be taught to every party member as a priority. Due to the importance of casting the spell, it does not matter who casts it, as it is much more prudent to cure the afflicting status than it is to conserve MP. It is ideal for at least one party member to equip a Ribbon to make them immune to most negative statuses, allowing them to cast Esuna on an afflicted party member.