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The current Azure Dragoon, and mightiest hero of Ishgard. Bearer of the Eye, an ancient relic plucked from the great wyrm Nidhogg, he wields the power of dragons. Long absent from his post, he has returned to Ishgard to drive back the ancient enemy of his people.

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Estinien Varlineau, also known by the epithet Estinien Wyrmblood, is a character in Final Fantasy XIV. He was introduced in the Dragoon job quests in A Realm Reborn and has a greater role in the events of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, culminating in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker where he joins as a Trust party member.


Early life[]

Twenty years ago, born in the town of Ferndale, Estinien lost his family to the dragon Nidhogg's flames and resolved to become an Azure Dragoon to avenge them. Ser Alberic Bale took him in as he felt guilty for the boy's loss, having relinquished being the Azure Dragoon out of fear of losing himself during his battle with Nidhogg. Estinien trained as a dragoon, serving in the Temple Knights alongside Aymeric de Borel[1] before being named the current Azure Dragoon.

Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

Estinien in version 1.0.

When his inner dragon sensed Nidhogg's awakening, Estinien stole the Eye to lure the dragon. The Eye is an Ishgardian relic that grants the power of the dragon to a chosen soul who becomes known as the Azure Dragoon. Estinien hid in Twelveswood where he met the adventurer, a Wood Wailer Alberic had hired to locate Estinien in the forest. To Estinien's surprise, the Eye awakened in the adventurer's presence and for the first time granted its powers to a second Azure Dragoon in the same generation.

Estinien believed it meant they both had the same goal and invited the adventurer to join him in his hunt for Nidhogg. Eventually the Eye revealed the truth about Ferndale's devastation and Estinien turned his spear against Alberic. The adventurer defended Alberic, but Estinien gave into Nidhogg's power and disappeared.

Legacy quests involving Estinien, including "Unfading Scars" and "Double Dragoon", were later repurposed into the A Realm Reborn Dragoon questline. The majority of the plot and dialogue were unchanged. The timing of Nidhogg's reawakening was also put forward to just prior to the first expansion, Heavensward. Therefore, this period of Estinien's story may no longer be canon.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

That Ishgard would resort to sending coin-starved adventurers after me... I know not whether to laugh or feel insulted.


When rumors of Nidhogg's awakening reached him, Estinien stole the Eye of Nidhogg from the Holy See to draw the dragon's focus on him rather than Ishgard. Estinien encountered the Warrior of Light when Ser Alberic requested the hero's aid to get Nidhogg's eye. The aftermath of their confrontation at a small Ixal encampment east of the Observatorium convinced Ser Alberic to train the Warrior as a dragoon. Estinien sent word to Alberic asking for a parley at Boulder Downs and revealed his reasons for stealing Nidhogg's eye. He hoped to join forces with the Warrior of Light, as he believed two Azure Dragoons could put an end to Nidhogg. Alberic and Estinien sent the Warrior of Light on trials to obtain Drachen armor.

By the time Nidhogg was about to awaken, Estinien requested a rendezvous with the Warrior of Light at the Steel Vigil. Though Ser Alberic wanted to admit the truth of what happened in Ferndale, Estinien pointed his spear at his mentor while revealing the eye had shown him the events of that day. Estinien began to lose control of his emotions with the Warrior of Light clashing with him at the ruined vigil. Losing the duel, Estinien called out for power and—in response—Nidhogg offered it. The spirit of first Azure Dragoon, Haldrath, appeared in the Warrior of Light's place, and banished the wyrmking's influence in a burst of light with Estinien nowhere to be seen.

Estinien resurfaced and joined Ser Aymeric at the defense of Ishgard. If the Warrior of Light had completed the Dragoon job quest, Estinien acknowledged them as a fellow Azure Dragoon, and was not prepared to cross blades with them again. Following Vishap's defeat at the Steps of Faith, Estinien noted that Nidhogg did not join the assault, and vowed to hunt down Lady Iceheart for damaging the wards around the city-state.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Estinien using Nidhogg's own eye against the great wyrm.

After learning that the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud Leveilleur were planning to meet with Lady Iceheart to parlay with the Dravanian Horde, Estinien volunteered to accompany them. After making contact with Iceheart, who went by her true name of Ysayle Dangoulain while with the group, the four began the long journey through Ishgard and Dravania. Estinien clashed with Ysayle over their differing views of the ongoing war between Ishgard and Dravania. They met with Hraesvelgr, Nidhogg's brother and the beloved of Saint Shiva, who told them the true history of the war.

Estinien after slaying Nidhogg.

After learning Nidhogg was motivated by vengeance, and thus could never be reasoned with, the group concluded the only path was to slay him. Estinien traveled to Nidhogg's lair, the Aery, alongside the Warrior of Light, on manacutters provided by Cid, Biggs, and Wedge. The two faced Nidhogg with Estinien using the dragon's stolen eye against him. Although Nidhogg threatened to possess him again, Estinien resisted his influence and slayed him. His armor stained by Nidhogg's blood, Estinien remarked that, though killing Nidhogg had been his life's goal, he found no satisfaction in it; learning his mortal enemy's past made him realize they had a common link in being driven by vengeance for their families. Nidhogg had been blinded by Haldrath, and was powered by of one of Hresvelgr's eyes all this time, and Estinien was concerned with the true fate of Nidhogg's other eye.

Nidhogg consumes Estinien's body.

After the group returned to Ishgard they shared the truth of Ishgard's past with their allies. When Ser Aymeric insisted on confronting the Archbishop with this knowledge, he was arrested and imprisoned. Estinien joined the Warrior of Light and others in a rescue and later accompanied the group to Azys Lla as they needed the power of the Eye of Nidhogg to power the aetheric ram used to break the floating island's barrier. When he was forced to hold off a group of Garlean soldiers under Regula van Hydrus, Estinien loaned the eye to the Warrior who used it to destroy Igeyorhm.

After Thordan's fall, Estinien retrieved Nidhogg's right eye and intended to take both it and the left eye somewhere they could not be found by man or dragon. Nidhogg's spirit exploited Estinien's moment of weakness and consumed the Azure Dragoon's mind, using his body to regain physical form with both eyes restored.

Nidhogg's shade

In the guise of the Azure Dragoon, Nidhogg interrupted the peace conference between Ser Aymeric and Vidofnir. Leaping from the battlements, he impaled the white dragon with a spear before deflecting Ser Aymeric's arrow. He had the two eyes grafted onto his form, one of his right arm and the other on the left shoulder. Returning to the battlements, he condemned Vidofnir for trying to make peace with the sons of Thordan. He declared to all present—with Estinien's distorted voice—that the final chorus would begin and none shall escape his vengeance. He shifted to his great wyrm form and flew off.

As Nidhogg prepared for his final assault against Ishgard, Alphinaud was determined to free Estinien from Nidhogg's possession even at the risk of his own life. After gaining Hraesvelgr's help, the Warrior of Light confronted the Nidhogg-Estinien amalgamation at the Steps of Faith. Nidhogg shifted between his dragon form and a dragon-human hybrid, but was defeated, reverting to Estinien's form. Estinien regained control of his body long enough to keep Nidhogg from attacking, and implored the Warrior and Alphinaud to slay him while they had the chance. The two instead tried to pry Nidhogg's eyes from his body. With the assistance of the souls of Haurchefant and Ysayle, they succeeded and destroyed Nidhogg's soul for good while freeing Estinien.

Estinien recuperating after being saved

Estinien was expected to make a full recovery. He thanked his friends for all they did for him, albeit in his usual gruff demeanor. The possession had made him realize that he had a lot in common with the dragon, being driven by vengeance, and had he not gained the friendships that he had, the two would have been identical in spirit. His hunt for Nidhogg over, Estinien relinquished his title as the Azure Dragoon.

Bereft of his dragoon armor, Estinien observed Aymeric's ceremony that changed Ishgard from a theocracy to a republic. Flowers in hand he departed Ishgard for Azys Lla and left them there in Ysayle's memory. The Warrior of Light could find the flowers while retracing their steps since first coming to Ishgard, recalling the burdens they bore together.

Estinien departed for Sohr Khai and laid flowers there, in honor of Ratatoskr and by way of apologizing for his and his ancestors' involvement in the Dragonsong War. Sensing Hraesvelgr nearby, who was grateful for the gesture, the great wyrm remarked that Estinien's fight was not over. Following Hraesvelgr to the remains of barracks on the edges of Sohr Khai, the wyrm presented him with a pristine suit of azure armor blessed by Ratatoskr and used by the first dragoons who had fought alongside the dragons. He donned the suit of armor and named it Iceheart in honor of Ysayle, and left the ruins to the battlefield once more.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Estinien in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Estinien searched for signs of Shinryu, the primal created using Nidhogg's eyes. He single-handedly disabled the main cannon at Castrum Abania, allowing the Warrior of Light and their allies to attack the stronghold. After the Warrior of Light destroyed Shinryu, Estinien found Nidhogg's eyes, which had fallen to the ground after the primal's defeat, and destroyed them, closing Nidhogg's violent legacy.

Estinien later told the Warrior of Light and Orn Khai that he had been acting as an intermediary between man and dragon now that Ishgard had no need of an Azure Dragoon, and had been hired to hunt down an enraged dragon in the Azim Steppe named Faunehm.[2] Rather than slay her, Estinien suggested to Orn Khai he should roar to restore Faunehm's sanity after having resisted Nidhogg's Dragonsong for so long while he and the Warrior of Light weakened her. The effect was temporary and she again fell to madness. Vedrfolnir appeared, and with his roar, she returned to her senses. Faunehm revealed to the dragoons she was Vedrfolnir's mate and they were Orn Khai's parents. Before the war began, Vedrfolnir had bade that Faunehm flee to the east to escape Nidhogg's Dragonsong as she wanted no part in it, vividly remembering the days of old when she had flown together with her mate along with their knight.

Estinien told Orn Khai that he had wanted to see Faunehm saved, hearkening to his experiences as Nidhogg's vessel. Orn Khai gave the two his eternal thanks and granted them a new title as Crimson Dragoons, Estinien in particular warming up to the name. He departed hoping to see Orn grow strong like his father one day.

During the war between the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean Empire, Warrior of Light fought Elidibus (in Zenos's body), but faltered from a voice calling them and collapsed. Seeing his friend in danger, Estinien jumped in at the last minute to defend them from a killing blow, but at that moment, Elidibus was called away before he could advance. Aymeric arrived and helped escort the Warrior to their chirurgeons, and Estinien left soon after, ensuring his friend's safety. Aymeric remarked that he "wasn't one for emotional reunions".

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Gaius and Estinien in the capital.

Estinien traveled to Kugane with Orn Khai to investigate the legends surrounding Seiryu. At the Shiokaze Hostelry, they encountered Tataru and Krile. Estinien escaped to Kugane Ohashi hoping to evade the two, only to run into them once more. Krile faked an Echo vision to blackmail Estinien into accepting their request to investigate Black Rose. The next day, he left Kugane for Radz-at-Han on the way to Garlemald.

Estinien infiltrated a Black Rose production facility to destroy the batch of poison gas created there, only to discover from Gaius Baelsar it was moved to another facility. Gaius offered Estinien an alliance and the two journeyed to Garlemald to investigate further. They infiltrated the Imperial Palace in time to witness the resurrected Prince Zenos kill Emperor Varis. Zenos overpowered the pair before taking his leave as Garlean soldiers arrived. With the Garleans assuming Gaius and Estinien had killed Varis, the two escaped the city with the former encountering an Arch Ultima before he and Gaius parted ways. Estinien met with Riol and reported back to Krile, Tataru, and the Warrior of Light at the Rising Stones to brief them of the events that had transpired. With his bargain with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn complete, despite their attempt to prolong his services, Estinien departed.

Later learning of Lunar Bahamut, Estinien joined the Warrior and the Scions in visiting the dragon Tiamat. They freed her and defeated the Telotherium together. Afterwards, Estinien decided to join the Scions as an official member.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Estinien and his fellow Scions left for Sharlayan to learn more about the oncoming Final Days. When an immigration officer asked for his name, Estinien gave his full name as Estinien Varlineau.

Estinien with Vrtra.

Later, he accompanied the Warrior of Light, Thancred Waters, and Urianger Augurelt to a mission in Thavnair because he was already there on his last mission to Garlemald. He helped his fellow Scions recover from aether sickness by buying some drinks, although the Warrior was forced to rein in Estinien's bad habit with money. After gathering information on a port town, the group headed to Great Work where the Hannish alchemists were based, led by Nidhana, an Arkasodara. Due to his spear containing dragon blood, Estinien became a research subject for an amulet to protect against Telophoroi's enthrallment. After Nidhana's testing on the warding scale, which led to Fandaniel capturing her in the tower, Varshahn invited the group to the satrap's residence. Not to be fooled, Estinien demanded an end to the charade, revealing Vrtra, one of the first brood who had made Radz-at-Han his abode for hundred of years. Estinien did not hold any grudge with dragonkins and left before his friends.

Later, joined by a Sharlayan group, the Scions stormed the Tower of Zot where Estinien was chosen as the attacking force while some others stayed behind to heal the kidnapped Arkasodaras. The group won against the Magus Sisters and Estinien destroyed the tower's core. The satrap invited the Scions back in Radz-at-Han.

Due to of the Scions' victory at Thavnair, the Eorzean Alliance grew bold and suggested they bring the war against Telophoroi to Garlemald itself. Estinien joined his fellow Scions at Ala Mhigan Quarter, where he was surprised that his old master, Alberic Bale, had joined the Ishgardian delegations. Arriving in Garlemald proper, Estinien defended the supply convoy alongside his comrades and later joined Thancred's scout group alongside Bozjan and Dalmascan delegates. After dealing with the survivors of Ist Imperial Legion, Estinien joined the Scions at attacking the Tower of Babil.

After the Warrior of Light destroyed Zodiark on the moon, they reunited at Sharlayan. Estinien came to the Warrior's room at night for a heart-to-heart, where he expressed his gratitude after everything that happened in the Dragonsong War. The next day, Final Days fell upon the Source. Estinien departed to Thavnair where he fought alongside his comrades in the forest of Vanaspati. He rode Vrtra to fight the blasphemies on the sky and between fighting, implored at the dragon to reveal himself to his subjects at Thavnair, for the people there desperately needed his leadership. Back at Radz-at-Han, Vrtra made his presence public and was well received among his people, Estinien smiling proudly. As the group discussed their next move, Estinien volunteered to defend the smallfolks and hunting the blasphemies.

Some days later, Estinien and some Scions prevailed against blasphemies in Garlemald, even getting some help from the Garleans. He and his fellow Scions were transported back to Old Sharlayan where the Warrior of Light explained everything that had happened in Elpis. After the Eorzean Alliance helped improving the spaceship Ragnarok, the Forum let the Scions enter the aetherial sea in search of Hydaelyn.

Before they could seek out the primal who had created their world, they had to brave through Aitiaspace, where Estinien met the spirit of Haurchefant who empowered them, and Ysayle who protected them against an undying Amon. When they came head-to-head with the goddess herself, Hydaelyn tested the Scions' determination before she would help them locate Meteion, the cause of the Final Days. Estinien fought alongside his comrades against the goddess. Victorious, Hydaelyn showed them where Meteion made her nest and they headed to Ultima Thule, riding the spaceship Ragnarok.

In Ultima Thule, Estinien found himself in a simulacrum of the dragons' homeworld and confronted the despairing dragons whose kind still survived in Hydaelyn. He was consumed by dynamis and opened a way for his comrades to progress further. Later, Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus revived Estinien and his fellow Scions, and together they braved the doomed worlds Meteion had recreated to finally reach the dying sun where she made her nest. Alas, Meteion was too strong and Estinien alongside his comrades were blown away, only for the Warrior of Light to return them to safety in Ragnarok. Estinien gave his strength via a prayer to the Warrior of Light in the climactic battle against the Endsinger and welcomed the surviving Warrior back at Ragnarok upon their victory.

The day the Scions disbanded and left Rising Stones, Estinien explained his plans to continue wandering the world, seeking people to help. He promised the Warrior of Light he would come help them as their lance, as always. He was invited by Vrtra to Radz-at-Han for an unknown task, however was given boarding while waiting for an audience.



Estinien's appearance while possessed by Nidhogg.

Estinien is a male Elezen wearing a full set of black Drachen scale armor with golden details. Though his helmet usually obscures his facial features, he has steel blue eyes. He has shoulder-length white hair, which was first mentioned in Tales from the Dragonsong War, and later shown in-game following the end of the Dragonsong War.

During the battle with Nidhogg in the Aery, Estinien's armor is severely scratched up and loses a horn before it is stained crimson in a shower of the dragon's spilled blood. This is a catalyst of blood magic, completed when Estinien takes hold of both of Nidhogg's eyes, where his most "human" form shows red glowing veins on his face and the two eyes fused to his mail. Parts of his lance become blood red, and its blade becomes jagged and claw-like. He later names his weapon after his late arch-nemesis.

Estinien in Endwalker.

During Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Estinien discards the red mail for a red and blue colored Trueblood Armor set with gold trimmings, and forgoes any headwear. The "From Azure Ashes" chapter of Tales from the Storm reveals that he named his armor Iceheart, in honor of Ysayle Dangoulain. In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Estinien began tying his hair back upon arrival in Thavnair, as a means to contend with the region's heat.

As a Trust party member, Estinien's alternate outfit that he wore when infiltrating Garlemald is unlocked immediately.


Estinien is stoic and speaks in a brusque manner. He has little respect for those he sees as weak, and barely conceals his disdain when speaking to them. Estinien has a reputation for scorning social gatherings in Ishgard and detests the notion of keeping up appearances. He has spent the majority of his life being driven by his desire of vengeance against Nidhogg, and thus sees little need for companionship or hobbies. He has little respect for Ishgard's zealous leadership, criticizing their decisions and lack of care for the citizens. For the most part he keeps these opinions to himself, but is more open about it with his friends and companions.

His personality softens after traveling with the Warrior of Light and their companions. Though his rude manner of speaking never changes, Estinien admits that he has moved past revenge being his sole motivation. Though often insulting toward him, Estinien befriends Alphinaud Leveilleur. Aymeric de Borel suggests that Estinien sees Alphinaud as a reflection of the younger sibling he lost to Nidhogg's flames, while Alphinaud views Estinien as the older brother he wishes he had. Estinien respects the Warrior of Light as a trusted comrade and speaks highly of Ser Aymeric, believing him to be Ishgard's best hope for a new future.

In contrast, Estinien often argues with Ysayle due to her leading the Heretics and her idealistic desire for peace conflicting with his grim views and desire for retribution against Nidhogg. He is yet willing to work with Lady Iceheart for Ishgard's sake, and over time, the two come to an understanding if even a friendship, he even named his armor after her.

Later on, Estinien develops a respectful camaraderie and partnership with former Legatus Gaius Baelsar, working together during their shared mission in Garlemald. He would, however, get on the wrong foot with Alphinaud's twin sister, Alisaie, after the Dragoon mistook her for her brother, much to her immense annoyance.

As his vengeance against Nidhogg drove him for the majority of his life, Estinien originally felt little else. Upon learning the full history of Nidhogg and the founding of Ishgard, he realized what he was becoming: a creature like Nidhogg, what he was hunting, a beast who knows nothing but hate and revenge. Unlike Nidhogg, Estinien has friends who care for him and guide him to see beyond his vengeance. He foregoes any grudges he had with dragonkinds, as he befriends the dragonlet Orn Khai. In Endwalker, he suggests Vrtra reveal himself to the population of Thavnair and is proud after the dragon does so.

After joining the Scions, Estinien keeps his aloof behavior among his peers, only opening a little to the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud. He doesn't quite understand all the business about Ascians and the elder primals, but is prepared to fight for the future of Hydaelyn and is not above helping civilians, even laying his life for his comrades. He has a dry sense of humor, and often teases his fellow Scions good-heartedly.

According to Krile, Estinien is "very bad with coins".


In version 1.0, Estinien was faced alongside a Greywine in the Dragoon quest "Into the Dragon's Maw". The Greywine periodically glowed purple and the player should stop attacking it and move away from it to avoid counter attack damage. Estinien would count down and perform a dragoon maneuver. Estinien also used Dragonfire jump and his attacks had the effect of en-bind and en-stun.

In A Realm Reborn, Estinien is dueled during the level 50 Dragoon quest "Into the Dragon's Maw". Aside from other Dragoon abilities, he possesses a unique "Skydragon Dive" skill that leaves a ring of fire in its area-of-effect.

Estinien is an NPC ally in the last battle of the Aery, where he uses Nidhogg's eye to suppress the great wyrm's power and must be protected. When Nidhogg prepares his ultimate attack, Massacre, several dragons must be eliminated so Estinien can focus a draconic barrier to shield the party from annihilation.

He also appears in later solo instance battles, such as "Close Encounters of the VIth Kind" as an NPC ally.

Estinien as a temporary playable character.

In the MSQ scenario, Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty, he becomes a temporary playable character. In the first half, he has access to the Coerthan Tempest combo and Skydragon Dive as attacks with Aqua Vitae as a recovery item.

When fighting the Arch Ultima, he is permanently under the effect of Shadow of the Dragon, granting him some of Nidhogg's abilities, such as Ala Morn, an attack that recovers HP upon hit, and Horrid Roar, which damages all enemies in the room. His Drachenlance ability inflicts a Stab Wound damage-over-time effect and has access to Stardiver with a much shorter cooldown. His Limit Break is Dragonshadow Dive, which is used to end the battle.

Estinien was added to the Trust system in Endwalker, where he's selectable in all dungeons, except Ktisis Hyperboreia. He also can participate in The Mothercrystal trial.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Estinien.png

The current Azure Dragoon of Ishgard. Driven by his desire for revenge against the great wyrm Nidhogg that robbed him of home and his family, Estinien wields the Eye of the beast to fight with all the might of a dragon.

Character profile

Estinien is a playable character who could be initially recruited during the Challenge Event The Dragonsong War - Dreams of Ice as a First Time Reward for completing the event's The Aery stage on Classic difficulty.

Triple Triad[]

593a Estinien.png

Estinien appears as a card in Triple Triad in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.


Estinien appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set he appears in is titled "FINAL FANTASY XIV Vol. 2".[3]


Estinien is voiced by Robert Vernon in the English version, and Kenji Hamada in the Japanese version.



Wyrm is an alternative name for mythological European dragon. They appear mostly in Celtic and German mythology. They are depicted as flying, fire-breathing reptiles, with magical properties. The word wyrm is the original Germanic-based term for a serpent or dragon, draca being adopted from the Latin draco at an early time.


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