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Espers come in a variety of forms. My appearance is similar to your own, so I can live here as one of you... without fear of anyone discovering the truth.

Espers are magical beings in Final Fantasy VI. When killed, they transform into magicite that teach the party magic. Equipping magicite allows an esper to be summoned in battle. Espers are central to the plot, being enslaved by the Gestahlian Empire who extract their magic to fuel their rampage for world domination.


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Espers were created as a result of humans coming into contact with magic and the Warring Triad during their war for dominance. The gods realized what they were doing was wrong and sealed themselves away in the forms of statues. They returned the espers their free will, and asked to be protected by them. A second war began between espers and humans seeking to use their powers, beginning the War of the Magi. At the height of the war the espers created a new realm where they escaped with the Warring Triad's statues.

A handful of espers remained in the world, such as Valigarmanda, who was frozen in ice, and Odin, who was petrified in the Ancient Castle buried deep within the mountains. Ramuh lived in the human world for an unspecified time, using his humanoid appearance to blend into normal society, and he implies other espers do the same. The espers' magicite remains also remained, such as Ragnarok and Phoenix. As the remaining espers concealed their existence, the knowledge of magic became the stuff of legends and myths.

The espers lived in their world safe from human invasion until a woman named Madeline stumbled upon the Esper World. She fell in love with an esper named Maduin much to the other espers' dismay, and gave birth to a baby girl, naming her Terra. Two years later an army led by Emperor Gestahl invaded the Esper World. Unlike Madeline, who had come upon the place by accident, Gestahl had spent years searching for the Esper World. His troops began capturing espers, causing a panic, and the Elder, who was one of the few able to perform the feat, formed a Sealed Gate around the entrance to the Esper World and forced out the soldiers. Maduin was taken when he tried to stop Madeline and Terra from leaving before the gate closed, as Gestahl captured all three of them, but killed Madeline.

A NPC tells the party about Kefka being a Magitek Knight.

For the next sixteen years the captured espers were being held in the Magitek Research Facility in the Imperial capital of Vector, and were the subject of experiments conducted by Cid Del Norte Marguez who extracted their magic power and infused it into humans using the process of Magitek, creating the Magitek Knights. His first experiment was done on a man named Kefka Palazzo. The experiment was deemed a failure as Kefka lost his mind. A more refined process was invented and used on Celes Chere, whom Cid raised as his daughter. The refined process no longer harmed the subject's mental faculties, and soldiers and machines began to regularly be infused with magic.

At an unspecified point in time, the esper Ramuh and three other espers—Siren, Cait Sith and Kirin—escaped the Empire, but the latter three were struck down. Ramuh fled to Zozo, taking refuge atop a tower in the city. Four espers—Leviathan, Gilgamesh, Gigantuar and Diabolos—also escaped and would wander the world remaining free from detection for a year. Diabolos eventually dies and his magicite comes to rest in Dragons' Den.

At Narshe, the townspeople unearth the esper Valigarmanda in a newly dug mine shaft. The news attracts the Empire's attention, and they send Terra, under their control via a slave crown, to retrieve it with Biggs and Wedge. Biggs and Wedge are killed when the esper responds to Terra's presence, knocking her unconscious. A villager named Arvis finds her and contacts Locke to get her out of the city safely. The two are members of the Returners, a resistance group, and Terra joins their ranks to help them fight the Empire.

Party meets Ramuh.

When the Returners return to Narshe they attempt to have Terra awaken Valigarmanda to have a powerful ally to fight the Empire. The contact causes Terra to lose control of her powers and transform into an esper. Ramuh, sensing this, summons Terra to him and puts her to rest while she mentally wrestles with what she is. When the Returners track her down Ramuh explains the Empire's methods for extracting magic are flawed. Total transfer of an esper's power is only possible via magicite, the crystallized remains of an esper when they die. Ramuh entrusts the magicite shards of Siren, Cait Sith, Kirin and himself to the Returners, and tasks them to rescue the imprisoned espers from the Magitek Research Facility.

The Returners raid the facility and rescue the espers, but are too late to prevent them from dying and turning into magicite. Kefka and the Empire learn that magicite magic is more potent than Magitek, and with the Empire's magic supply gone, the Returners ally with Narshe to open the gate to the Esper World and launch a joint human-esper attack on Vector. Terra opens the gate, but when the espers emerge they lose control of their powers like she did, and go on a rampage at Vector. The Empire is decimated and Gestahl calls a truce, asking the Returners to ally with him to find the espers and explain the truce to them to avoid further bloodshed.

Kefka transforming an esper into a magicite by an unknown ability.

While Terra, Locke and General Leo locate the espers at Esper Caves near Thamasa, it is revealed to have been a ruse to draw them out of hiding. Kefka arrives under Gestahl's orders and kills the espers, seizing their magicite, incapacitates the party, and kills Leo. The sealed gate opens and more espers arrive to attack Kefka, but he is immune to their powers and turns them into magicite. Kefka and Gestahl cross the sealed gate and raise the Floating Continent with the power of the Warring Triad. When the party confronts the two, Kefka kills Gestahl and takes the Triad's power as his own. The party flees, and the world is destroyed.

In the newly formed World of Ruin only a few espers remain, though magicite remains are abundant. With the destruction of Kefka and the Warring Triad, espers and magicite vanish from the world.

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List of espers[]

Magicite espers[]

The following espers are usable as magicite:


FFVI Terra Branford - Esper Sprite.png

Terra is the daughter of the human Madeline and the esper Maduin, making her a half-human and half-esper. Her Trance command transforms her into esper form when she discovers the truth about her origins. From then on she can control her powers, as long as she uses it in short bursts. This enables her to unlock her latent magical potential and increase her physical and magical power drastically. She can revert into human form at will. Terra is naturally gifted in magic due to her heritage, able to learn sixteen spells as she levels up without the help of magicite.

Esper folk[]

It is unknown how many espers exist during the events of Final Fantasy VI, but there are at least dozens if not hundreds. They are represented on the field by assorted sprites representing wolves, dragons and fairies, and are not given proper names. Yura and Esper Elder are the exception. In the battlefield they use the summon sprites of other espers, so it is likely their field sprites are not reflective of their actual appearance.

Only one unnamed esper has a unique sprite—a red palette swap of Ifrit that battles Kefka in Thamasa.


Cast from weapons[]

At some point during development it was planned summons could be cast from weapons with a 25% chance upon physically attacking. These added abilities are dummied. They could have also been used as item magic and been consumed after being used.

As bosses[]

Shiva, Ifrit, Valigarmanda, Leviathan, Gigantuar, and Gilgamesh are fought as bosses.

As playable party members[]

Terra Branford is half-esper and a playable character since the start of the game. her unique battle command is Trance allowing her to transform into a magical form and become temporarily more powerful.

Maduin is playable in a flashback sequence, but the player can't enter battle as him.


When equipped as magicite they grant stat boosts upon level up to those currently equipping them.

As summons[]

For the summon sequences, see: Esper (Final Fantasy VI)/Videos

Any esper that is equipped as a magicite can be summoned. All summon attacks are unblockable, except for those that inflict status ailments. Gogo can mimic espers with their Mimic command.

Name Esper Effect MP Cost Image
Judgment Bolt
(Bolt Fist)
Ramuh Deals Lightning-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 50. 25 FFVI iOS Judgment Bolt.png
Bathes all enemies in lightning.
Holy Aura
(Life Guard)
Kirin Grants Regen to all party members. 18 FFVI iOS Holy Aura.png
Gradually restores the party's HP.
Lunatic Voice
(Hope Song)
Siren Inflicts Silence on all enemies, it has a success rate of 136. 16 FFVI iOS Lunatic Voice.png
Silences all enemies.
Cat Rain Cait Sith Inflicts Confuse on all enemies, it has a success rate of 128. 28 FFVI iOS Cat Rain.png
Confuses all enemies.
Ifrit Deals Fire-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 51. 26 FFVI iOS Hellfire.png
Scorches all enemies in a fiery blaze.
Diamond Dust
(Gem Dust)
Shiva Deals Ice-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 52. 27 FFVI iOS Diamond Dust.png
Envelops all enemies in an arctic chill.
Healing Horn
(Heal Horn)
Unicorn Removes Blind, Poison, Petrify, Silence, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow, and Stop on all party members. 30
Cures party of most status ailments.
Chaos Wave
(Chaos Wing)
Maduin Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 55. 44
Unleashes a tide of anger on enemies.
Demon Eye Catoblepas Inflicts Petrify to all enemies, it has a success rate of 96. It will fail on enemies immune to Death. 45
Petrifies all enemies.
Ghostly Veil
Phantom Grants Invisible on all party members. 38
Turns all allies invisible.
Ruby Light
(Ruby Power)
Carbuncle Grants Reflect on the party. 36
Casts Reflect on all allies.
Breach Blast
(Sea Song)
Bismarck Deals Water-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 58. 50
Slams all enemies with giant bubbles.
Earthen Wall
(Earth Wall)
Golem Protects the party against all physical attacks using the caster's HP when summoned. 33 FFVI iOS Earthen Wall.png
Protects party from physical attacks.
Magic Shield
Zona Seeker Grants Shell on all party members. 30 FFVI iOS Magic Shield.png
Increases the party's magic defense.
Angel Feathers
Seraph Restores HP to all party members, it has a spell power of 18. 18 FFVI iOS Angel Feathers.png
Restores HP to all allies.
Sonic Dive Quetzalli Makes the entire party use the Jump ability. 61
Lifts the party up for an aerial attack.
Howling Moon
(Moon Song)
Fenrir Grants Image on all party members. 70 FFVI iOS Howling Moon.png
Creates illusionary images of the party.
Valigarmanda Deals Fire, Ice, and Lightning-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 110. 68 FFVI Android Tri-Disaster.png
Hits enemies with fire, ice and lightning.
Abyssal Maw
(Earth Aura)
Midgardsormr Deals Earth-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 93 with a success rate of 150. It can't hit enemies with the Float status. 40
Crushes enemies with seismic waves.
Alluring Embrace
(Group Hug)
Lakshmi Restores HP to all party members, it has a spell power of 34. 74
Restores HP to all allies.
Divine Judgement
Alexander Deals Holy-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 114. 90 FFVI Android Divine Judgment.png
Sears enemies with a beam of holy light.
Flames of Rebirth
(Life Giver)
Phoenix Fully revives KO'd party member(s) with 1/4 of their max HP, it has a spell power of 4. 110 FFVI Android Flames of Rebirth.png
Revives all KO'd allies.
(Atom Edge)
Odin Attempts to instantly kill all enemies, it has a success rate of 110. It will fail on enemies immune to Death. Stalls enemy final attacks for 1 turn. 70 FFVI Android Zantetsuken.png
Mega Flare
(Sun Flare)
Bahamut Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 92. 86
Hits all enemies with a nuclear blast.
Ragnarok Turns a single target into an item. 6 FFVI Android Metamorphose.png
Turns one enemy into an item.
Crusader Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies and allies, it has a spell power of 190. 96 FFVI iOS Cleansing.png
Greatly damages all enemies and allies.
(True Edge)
Raiden Attempts to instantly kill all enemies, it has a success rate of 140. It will fail on enemies immune to Death. Stalls enemy final attacks for 1 turn. 80
Cleaves all enemies in two.
Tidal Wave Leviathan Massive Water elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 130. 70 FFVI Android Tidal Wave.png
Deluges enemies with a giant wave.
1000 Needles Cactuar Deals 1,000 points of damage to all the enemies. 50
Damages all enemies. Or, sometimes...
10,000 Needles? Cactuar Deals 9,999 points of damage to all the enemies. 50
Dark Messenger Diabolos Reduces HP of all enemies by 15/16 of current total. Ignoring protection to Death, and also inflicts Sap. 100
Critically wounds all enemies.
Excalipoor Gilgamesh Deals 1 point of damage to all enemies. 99
Excalibur Gilgamesh Deals Holy-elemental damage to all enemies, it has a spell power of 120. 99
Masamune Gilgamesh Deals damage to all enemies and ignores targets' defense, it has a spell power of 99. 99 FFVI Android Gilgamesh Magicite - Masamune.png
Enkidu Gilgamesh Deals damage to all enemies and ignores targets' defense, it has a spell power of 200. 99 FFVI Android Gilgamesh Magicite - Enkidu.png

Musical themes[]

The theme song for the Espers is called "Esper World", sometimes referred to as "Another World of Beasts". It plays in the Esper World and is also used during somber moments in the game.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

Lakshmi, Seraph and Maduin appear as summons.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

The espers appear as summons.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Some of the espers appear and are often associated with a relevant party member from Final Fantasy VI; Maduin was given to Terra in Final Fantasy VI, and players often assign Odin for Locke for its rare Speed level up boost because Locke has the highest natural Speed stat.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Ifrit and Shiva appear as bosses.

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Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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In fiction, an esper (stylized as ESPer) is an individual capable of telepathy and other similar paranormal abilities. The term was apparently coined in this sense by Alfred Bester in his 1950 short story "Oddy and Id" and is derived from the abbreviation ESP for extrasensory perception.