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Eshan'tarl (エシャンタール, Eshantāru?), also known as "Cardinal Mildaurion", is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XI. One of the ancient Zilart, she is a prominent character in the Chains of Promathia storyline. She is a trusted member of the Armathrwn Society, and frequently serves as Duke Vicarious of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno when the Archduke is not available. Unlike Kam'lanaut and Eald'narche, she is dedicated to preserving Vana'diel rather than restoring Paradise.


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Esha'ntarl was born as a Kuluu, but the Emptiness within her was drained by The Chamber of Eventide. Thus, she became a Zilart. At heart, however, she was still a Kuluu, and supported them in their betrayal of the Zilart. It is unknown what happened to her at this point.

Service in Tavnazia[]

Esha'ntarl reappeared several hundred years later as "Cardinal Mildaurion", and became the Cardinal of Tavnazia. Esha'ntarl was planning to use the Lay of the Immortals to force Promathia into the body of a god when he appeared in the Keeper of the Apocalypse, and to destroy him in that form. During that time, she met Prishe, who at the time was the Keeper of the Apocalypse.

However, her body reacted negatively to the Temple of Tavnazia's baptismal relic, the Eye of Altana, which turned the emptiness within her into Magicite. As such, Prishe was freed from the the responsibility of the Keeper of the Apocalypse. Esha'ntarl took care of Prishe, giving her a mysterious amulet to keep her safe. When the Beastmen attacked Tavnazia, she managed to lead the evacuation of many of the civilians through the Phomiuna Aqueducts, placing a magic seal on the entrance. Then she disappeared, leaving the people remaining in the Archipelago to fend for themselves.

Chains of Promathia[]

It is said that Esha'ntarl traveled the world for a time after the destruction of Tavnazia, eventually ending up in Jeuno. She assisted the Amarthrwn Society with regards to its attempts to foil Promathia. Serving as the face of Jeuno for the player (In the case that they had already completed the Rise of the Zilart expansion, and thus, the Duke is not present) during the Chains of Promathia expansion, Esha'ntarl aims to stop Promathia while simultaneously saving the people of Vana'diel from the wrath of Bahamut.

To this end, she uses the Jeunoan Armada to lead attacks on Bahamut to stop his advance. After Promathia is stopped, she and the Amarthrwn Society investigated the Emptiness, keeping watch for a new Keeper of the Apocalypse. When it appeared, Esha'ntarl brought both the heroes from the Rise of the Zilart expansion (Zeid, Aldo) and the heroes of the Chains of Promathia campaign (Prishe, Ulmia) to put a stop to him. Together with the adventurer, the Keeper of the Apocalypse is put down once and for all.

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