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FF7 Escourt guard

Escort Guard in Final Fantasy VII.

Escort Guard (エスコートガード, Esukōto Gādo?), also known as Safe Passage, is a recurring armor and accessory in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Escort Guard is a piece of armor that provides 62 Defense, 5 Def%, 55 Magic Defense, and six linked Materia slots with normal growth. It can only be equipped by male characters and it nullifies Lightning, Water, Poison and Earth damage. It can be found in the Sunken Gelnika in the Research Room area.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Escort Guard is an accessory that provides MP +50% and nullifies fire, ice and lightning damage. When used in Materia Fusion, it gives SPR +1. It can be purchased from Network Shop Duo for 40,000 gil.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Safe Passage is an armor for Kimahri that provides Auto-Med and Auto-Potion

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

Escort Guard is an accessory.

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