Lets you escape from battle


Escape is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is granted by the Exit Materia at level one. When cast, the spell immediately ends the battle with no reward.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Magic Materia Exit, Master Magic
Effect Instantly end battle without reward. Cannot be reflected.
MP cost 16
Compatible Support Materia Sneak Attack, Final Attack
Reflect No

Use[edit | edit source]

Escape can be cast by characters with the Exit Materia at level 1. Casting it will instantly end the battle with no reward provided afterward. This spell is used to escape from a battle intact, and can be used whenever a battle is looking too difficult to overcome. It has an MP cost of 18, which is relatively low.

If used during Battle Square battles, the player can keep their accumulated BP, which they are unable to do when escaping from Battle Square with the regular Escape command. If used through Final Attack when all of the party is already dead, the player is unable to escape.

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