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Choosing Errands.

A record of the errands your party members have undertaken.


Errands (儲け話の話, Mōke Hanashinohanashi?), also known as Propositions, are short sidequests in Final Fantasy Tactics. After completing the first chapter, Errands are available in taverns across Ivalice. To complete an errand, the player must select a few characters from the party who leave for a few days. The player cannot personally take part, and only generic human characters can be dispatched; storyline characters and monsters cannot be sent. The tavernmaster will mention how long the errand will run for, e.g. 12–15 days. Spending the maximum time earns the maximum amount of treasure. Errands also commonly cost gil. They can be completed at any time after they appear until the end of the chapter.

The player can recall their units at any time, though they take one to two days to return. Once the time allotted has passed, the player receives a report on the success or failure of the errand. Errands are difficult to fail as long as the player sends a team of three, as all the units sent must be absolutely terrible for the job. A balanced team with several jobs should be able to complete every errand. If the player fails an errand, it will be available again next month.


Receiving a reward from an errand.

Successful errands yield EXP and JP to the participants, along with some gil. There is often a bonus of assorted items, such as a gil bag or ore, but usually these are just gil, though it can be an Artefact or a Wonder.

The amount of JP and gil awarded depends on various factors:

  • The errand's base pay
  • The number of days chosen for the expedition
  • Participants' jobs (only affects their personal reward)
  • Participants' Bravery/Faith (some errands prefer high/low Bravery/Faith, but the difference in the final reward is small)
  • The bonus

The participants give a short report after returning and may comment something along the lines of "The skills of the [job of a participant] were a great boon to us." However, these comments do not actually reflect the best-suited job for the errand. In general, it is not worth changing jobs to better suit the task at hand as the extra reward is not much, and it is more useful to gain JP for the jobs the player is currently trying to develop.

The bonus depends on the type of errand. Most bonuses have three tiers and it is random which one the player gets; the better bonuses are rarer than the common ones. Wonders and artefacts have no tiers; the player gets a random one. The bonus tier is not determined until the expedition party reports on their quest, so the player can save their game before hearing the report and try again for a better bonus. Artefacts are gained from various errand types. Wonders are discovered on exploration errands. Bags of gil are earned from combat and salvage errands (salvage earns more). Ore is gained from mining errands. Payment is earned for investigation errands. Prize Money is earned for melee errands. Reward Money is earned for odd jobs. Some jobs don't give any bonus.

List of errands[]

Chapter 2[]

Name Location Days Cost Bonus
Bandits Dorter 11-13 600 Gil Bag
Shoreline Defense Gariland 8-9 3050 Payment
Miner's Tale Gariland 8-11 600 Ore
Mount Gulg Mother Lode Eagrose Castle 15-16 3100 Artefact
The Hindenburg Zaland 8-15 100 Gil Bag
Zaland Embassy Antiques Zaland 10-12 6000 Artefact
My Little Carrot Lionel Castle 15-16 100 Payment
Miner Shortage Goug 7-9 100 Ore
The Highwind Warjilis 5-8 1050 Gil Bag

Chapter 3[]

Start of Chapter[]

Name Location Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Frontier Marathon Dorter 14-16 0 Wonder
Second Frontier Marathon* Dorter 14-16 0 Wonder
Third Frontier Marathon* Dorter 14-16 0 Wonder
Stolen Tomes Gariland 12-16 11000 Gil Bag
Minstrel in Distress Eagrose Castle 13-16 50 Reward Money Thief
Mameco the Minstrel Eagrose Castle 15-16 0 Reward Money
Lorraide Mine Zaland 10-14 1100 Ore Dragoon
The Dawn Queen Lionel Castle 8-12 100 Gil Bag
Zerro's Challenge Lionel Castle 8-9 50 Artefact Chemist
Masa's Legacy Goug 10-13 10000
Clockwork Faire Goug 11-13 100 Artefact Squire
Merchant's Regret Warjilis 14-15 2000 Wonder
Old Tappa's Will Gollund 11-13 8000 Ore
Salvage Expedition Lesalia 10-14 3000 Artefact
Abandoned Mine Lesalia 10-14 1000 Artefact

*Must complete the previous Frontier Marathon Errands first.

After Orbonne Battles[]

Name Location Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Guard Duty Eagrose Castle 11-13 2000 Artefact Black Mage
The Siedge Weald Zaland 11-13 1100 Wonder
The Trick of Light Lionel Castle 14-15 1050 Wonder
Fenland Mystery Lionel Castle 13-14 1100 Wonder
Diving Expedition Yardrow 10-14 5000 Gil Bag Archer

Chapter 4[]

Start of Chapter[]

Name Location Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Arithmeticks Tutor Wanted Gariland 10-13 50 Arithmetician
Hellspawned Beast Eagrose Castle 14-15 1000 Monk
Metamorphosed Misery* Eagrose Castle 15-16 1100
Count Minimas Dorter 12-14 600 Artefact Thief
Count Minimas** Dorter 12-15 1000 Artefact Thief
Count Minimas** Dorter 11-12 600
Father's Nightmare Lionel Castle 15-16 1500 Artefact Knight
The Durga Goug 11-14 100 Artefact Knight
Devil in the Dark Goug 8-10 3050 Payment Black Mage
Rain-Swept Slopes Warjilis 13-16 600 Wonder Dragoon
In the Darkness Warjilis 12-14 1500 Gil Bag Monk
True Romance*** Warjilis 8-12 500 Artefact
Wandering Gambler Warjilis 9-12 15000 Dancer
Coal Miners Wanted Gollund 4-6 50 Ore
More Coal Miners Wanted Gollund 4-6 150 Artefact
Lamzen the Adventurer Gollund 12-16 1100 Wonder
Frontier Expedition Lesalia 10-14 5000 Wonder
The Falcon Yardrow 7-9 3500 Artefact Geomancer
Endless Caverns Bervenia 12-14 8000 Artefact
Past Glory Bervenia 7-15 500 Artefact Chemist
Beddha Sandwaste Bervenia 11-15 550 Wonder
Adventurers Wanted Bervenia 8-12 100 Wonder Squire
Shadows from the Past Bervenia 12-15 3050 Wonder
Gleddia Isle Riovanes Castle 9-11 4000 Artefact Geomancer
Foundered Vessel**** Riovanes Castle 8-13 0 Gil Bag Geomancer
Fia's Wish Riovanes Castle 12-14 3000
Secret Society Riovanes Castle 2-3 600 Ninja
Lettre d'amour Riovanes Castle 10-12 0 Artefact Bard
Rhana Straight Zeltennia Castle 9-13 3100 Artefact
Nightwalker Zeltennia Castle 8-12 3050 Payment
Zerro Strikes Zeltennia Castle 8-9 100 Artefact Knight
Himca Cliffs Sal Ghidos 8-12 1500 Artefact Squire
Ore of the Gods Sal Ghidos 9-11 2500 Artefact

*Must complete Hellspawned Beast errand first.
**Must complete previous Count Minimas errands first.
***Must complete Lettre d'amour errands first.
****Must complete Gleddia Isle errand first.
Must complete Coal Miners Wanted errand first. Completing this errand and reading the Rumor The Haunted Mine will begin the sidequest in which Beowulf Cadmus joins the party.

After Limberry Battles[]

Name Location Days Cost Bonus
Ancient Wonder Eagrose Castle 13-14 200 Wonder
Cattedona Zaland 14-15 500 Reward Money
Lionel Emissary Lionel Castle 14-15 4000 Artefact
Twilight Gustkov Gollund 14-15 1000 Gil Bag
Terror's Maw Gollund 13-14 1500 Gil Bag
Miner's Dream Gollund 12-14 150 Ore
Ducal Disaster Lesalia 15-16 6000 Payment
Young Lord Pappal Lesalia 12-15 3000 Gil Bag
Cries in the Dark Lesalia 8-11 3050 Payment
Salvage Work Yardrow 9-14 0 Gil Bag
Coal Mining Expedition Yardrow 10-14 1000 Ore
Second Coal Mining Expedition* Yardrow 10-14 1000 Artefact
The Behemoth Bervenia 13-15 500 Gil Bag
Historic Revolt Riovanes Castle 8-10 3050 Artefact
Tutoring Riovanes Castle 8-12 200 Reward Money
Dredge Work Zeltennia Castle 6-10 1000 Gil Bag
Missing Boy Zeltennia Castle 15-16 3500 Payment
Appraisal Zeltennia Castle 8-9 550 Artefact
Death's Gorge Sal Ghidos 9-14 13000 Ore
The Typhoon Sal Ghidos 10-13 11000 Gil Bag
Beastly Trail Sal Ghidos 11-13 10000 Reward Money
Memories Sal Ghidos 10-12 100 Reward Money
Lake Poescas Depths Limberry Castle 12-14 1500 Wonder
Cellar Dungeon Limberry Castle 11-13 1500 Wonder
Uninvited Guests Limberry Castle 8-13 3050 Payment
Gysahl Greens Limberry Castle 2-4 100 Artefact

*Must complete Coal Mining Expedition first.


These Errands can be performed at any time after Chapter 2, as long as are accepted during the right month of the Ivalician year.

Name Location Month Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Magick Melee Gariland Virgo 14-16 0 Artefact Time Mage
The Zaland Melee Zaland Aries 14-16 0 Prize Money
Arteficer's Contest Goug Sagittarius 14-16 0 Prize Money
The Yardrow Melee Yardrow Cancer 14-16 0 Artefact

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