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A member of the gleaners' guildship in Sharlayan, Erenville hails from the continent of Tural, and has taken on the role of guide for the Warrior of Light during the rite of succession. Though he appears to harbor reservations after learning the contest involves the fabled city of gold, the source of his misgivings remains unclear.

Official Dawntrail website description[2]

Erenville [ˈɛr.ənˌvɪl] is a character introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, becoming a main character and the narrator of the Dawntrail expansion. He is a gleaner, one who is tasked by the Forum of Old Sharlayan to collect agricultural, geological, and other natural samples and selections across all of Hydaelyn for research and preservation.


Before Final Fantasy XIV[]

Erenville hails from Tural, the western continent. He was childhood friends with Wuk Lamat, the Third Promise of Tuliyollal, daughter of Dawnservant Gulool Ja Ja, leader of Tuliyollal. His birth name is Elene'shpya [ˌɛl.ɛˈnɛ.ʃpja], and he comes from Tesh'pyani Village in Yyasulani. Erenville is the son of Cahciua, one of the traveling companions of Gulool Ja Ja who united Tural eighty years ago.

Elene'shpya traveled to Sharlayan on the recommendation of his mother. Once he left home he adopted a name following eastern Viera city name conventions, using the name "Erenville", and became a gleaner specializing in gathering live specimens. He was an accomplished scholar whose knowledge belied his youth, which may be why the Forum personally requested his services in their plan to evacuate the planet when the Final Days arrived.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

The Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, Alisaie, Y'shtola and Krile met Erenville in Labyrinthos, while investigating the reason for Forum's refusal to aid with the Final Days. Through him, they learned that the Forum had been sending out gleaners all across the world to gather samples, animals, and knowledge for a reason even Erenville was unaware of. Y'shtola had the Warrior, Alphinaud, and Alisaie shadow Erenville as toads. He was seen discussing with a Forum member and noticed the toads. After the Forum member left, he blew their cover, as he was an expert on toads.

As the Final Days began, Erenville was in Ishgard when he noticed an individual struggling to walk and covered in a black, smoke-like substance. Little did he know this individual would turn into a beast.

After the Scions of the Seventh Dawn convinced the Forum to allow them to help with the aetherburner of Ragnarok, Krile contacted Erenville to help bringing Sharlayan's gleaners to the fold. When the shipments of refined adamantite and other relics were delivered to Sharlayan, Erenville revealed his involvement to the Forum, but claimed he did not do this to betray the Forum, but rather help with the salvation of the star, as there was still so much they did not know about it.

When the Scions returned victorious from Ultima Thule, Erenville was the first to see the Ragnarok returning.

Later, Erenville was changing gossip with Krile, when the Warrior came with Zero to ask for Krile's help in gaining access to the aether geysers in the island of Haam. Erenville soon left for his own expedition. He returned with a companion, who wanted to meet the Warrior of Light. Arranging the meeting with Krile, the Warrior met with his companion, Wuk Lamat from Tural. For Wuk Lamat to get to know the Warrior, he arranged them to carry out a petition to find out why normally docile animals on the island of Haam had gone wild. He served as a guide, while Wuk Lamat, the Warrior, and G'raha dealt with the fighting. Krile joined later with her recently acquired pictomancer skills. Taking the colibri they slew for dinner, Wuk Lamat and Erenville told the others about the rite of succession about to be held in Tuliyollal, which—according to rumor—involved the legendary golden city, something that Erenville had been searching for a long time. Wuk Lamat said there were four contestants, but that one of them could not be allowed to win. Erenville said this contestant was way too ambitious, as with the Garlean Empire's fall, he sought to lead Tuliyollal into war against eastern continents. The Warrior held their decision to join for a time.

When the Warrior agreed to join Wuk Lamat alongside Alphinaud, Alisaie, and Krile, Erenville figured she would not need him anymore. Wuk Lamat claimed he was indispensable because of his knowledge about Tural, and that in reality he had not truly given up on the golden city.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail[]

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FFXIV Erenville

Erenville is a Rava Viera with dark skin, black hair with blue tipped straight ears, and golden eyes. He wears the uniform of the Sharlayan Gleaners, which is a green light cloth coat over a beige and brown tunic. He wears patched brown trousers and knee-height traveler boots. He has a large leather backpack on, filled with his notes, samples, and tools. His gloves are made of a brown protective leather.


Erenville is curt, but he is not mean-spirited - he is polite to most people, but is not hesitant to speak out against the overworking of his fellow gleaners by the Sharlayan Forum, and he is very straightforward with those whom try to beat around their point, such as when the Scions attempt to keep vague of why they are in Labyrinthos. He is very passionate about nature and its bounty, and knows many things about the subtle differences between each animal and different plants, such as when he immediately notices that the 'toads' standing near him are actually humans in a glamour disguise.

Behind the scenes[]

Erenville is voiced by Ari Óskarsson in the English version, while Rikuya Yasuda voices him in the Japanese version. In the English version Erenville speaks with an Icelandic accent like the Viera from the eastern hemisphere do, but notably unlike other Viera from Tural who all speak in American accents, including his mother.

If one discounts the option for players to make the Warrior of Light one at character creation, Erenville was the first male Viera to appear in the entire Final Fantasy series, though Loifa or characters in limited time events such as Laurenssen may be encountered earlier.


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