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Erenville is a character introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. He is a gleaner, one who is tasked by the Forum of Old Sharlayan to collect agricultural, geological, and other natural samples and selections across all of Hydaelyn for research and preservation.


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

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Erenville is a Rava Viera with charcoal coloured skin, black hair with blue tipped straight ears, and golden eyes. He wears the uniform of the Sharlayan Gleaners, which is a green light cloth coat over a beige and brown tunic. He wears patched brown trousers and knee-height traveler boots. He has a large leather backpack on, filled with his notes, samples, and tools. His gloves are made of a brown protective leather.


Erenville is curt, but he is not mean-spirited - he is polite to most people, but is not hesitant to speak out against the overworking of his fellow gleaners by the Sharlayan Forum, and he is very straightforward with those whom try to beat around their point, such as when the Scions attempt to keep vague of why they are in Labyrinthos. He is very passionate about nature and its bounty, and knows many things about the subtle differences between each animal and different plants, such as when he immediately notices that the 'frogs' standing near him are actually humans in a glamour disguise.

Behind the scenes[]

Erenville is voiced by Ari Oskarsson in the English version, while Rikuya Yasuda voices him in the Japanese version. Erenville is the first male Viera to be introduced (and voiced) in the main scenario quests for Final Fantasy XIV.