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King Epitav is a Clavat man from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King. He is the father of King Leo and established Padarak before he went missing.


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Early History[]

In his original homeland, King Epitav was highly respected by his people and was known for being a mischievous King. Not much was known about his wife other then she was a very kind and caring person, traits that King Leo would take. He and his wife also took in Chime after her parents passed away, taking care of her as their own.

King Epitav was known for being hard on his son as he found him to be soft, but did feel that these traits of his were important for when his son becomes ruler. When his wife passed away, Epitav shut himself in his study and began researching on the fabled promised land. He would set off with his Kingdom's Crystal Caravan in search of it but would later abandon them to look for it on his own.

Along his journey, he ran into the traveling moogle Stiltzkin, who tells him a poem he heard from a Carbuncle about Architek. He then meets the penguin Pavlov, who almost drowns before King Epitav saves him. Grateful, Pavlov decides to follow the King on his journey. He would continue his journey until finding the frontier crystal in Padarak that would grant him the power of Architek.


King Epitav would begin rebuilding his Kingdom in the new land using the power of Architek. After sometime the Dark Lord decided to appear from the crystal and challenge King Epitav. Epitav wanting to take on the Dark Lord alone, evacuates the citizens from Padarak. He tries to take out the Dark Lord using the power of Architek, but is unsuccessful and defeated. The Dark Lord then imprisons King Epitav in the Shrine of Awakening. After Epitav's son sends adventurers to rescue Epitav, he makes his son the permanent king, despite the fact he is only ten years old.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Epitav TCG.png

Epitav appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with a wind-elemental card.

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