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The Epitaph is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2 that appears in the Fiend Colony whenever the player tries to destroy a fake wall, and in the Via Infinito floors 75-79. It is an enlarged version of the Tomb.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Epitaph is among the more dangerous creatures due to its Stone Breath attack, which can petrify all party members, leading to a Game Over if the party is not protected. Stone Breath can be learned as a Blue Bullet. It also uses a physical attack called Madness, which induces Poison (30% chance), Berserk (60% chance), and Full Break by one level (always). In addition, it can cast Curse on a character to prevent them from changing their dressphere.

As with all members of the Doomstone species, the Epitaph does not Oversoul.

Strategy Edit

It is best to take down these enemies quickly with Water or Holy-elemental attacks, and to bring along anti-petrifying abilities, such as Ribbons. Another strategy involves deploying powerful captured fiends, especially any fiend that knows Ailment Def. (e.g. Aka Manah, Black Elemental) and has access to powerful magic (e.g. Waterga, Ultima), as the Epitaph's Magic Defense is very low.

AI script Edit

Turn 1
 Use Madness on random target

Turn 2
 Use Stone Breath

Turn 3
 Use Madness on random target

Turn 4
 Use Curse on random target

Repeat from Turn 1

Etymology Edit

An epitaph is an inscription honoring a deceased person, usually on a tombstone or plaque.

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