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Episode Concluded screen for the airship menu.

Episode Concluded is an end result for certain areas of Final Fantasy X-2 during Chapter 5. This result indicates that the area's events have concluded, but were not completed to the fullest possible extent, which would have resulted in Episode Complete. If a player receives Episode Concluded for an area, they may miss out on certain special items or Garment Grids that can only be received by obtaining Episode Complete. Notably, the Mascot dressphere will not be given if any area ends with an Episode Concluded. In the International and HD Remaster versions, however, it is still possible to obtain one in the current playthrough by winning the Youth League Tournament.

In general, Episode Concluded is something most players would likely avoid. Dedicated players, however, might wish to explore it, as it sometimes offers alternate scenes and additional dialogue that shed new light on various characters. For example, pinning the blame on either Rin or Prophet for the Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery will result in Episode Concluded, but pinning Rin is the only way to obtain Gippal's Sphere (pinning Prophet does not grant any special item, but does result in a highly amusing scene). If the player has already completed the game once, New Game Plus offers the opportunity to obtain these scenes and explore alternate outcomes without any penalty.

Episode Concluded cannot be obtained in Mushroom Rock Road, Djose Temple, Calm Lands, Thunder Plains, or Bikanel Desert; these areas will always end with an Episode Complete.

Episode Concluded results[]

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Besaid Island[]

Looks like Wakka still can't make up his mind about a name!

Besaid Island highlighted on Celsius locations list

Lulu and Wakka's baby is born and revealed to be a boy, but Wakka hasn't decided on a name for him yet. Meanwhile, Beclem was called back to the Youth League headquarters, and left the island before Wakka had a chance to patch things up with him.

Kilika Island[]

Barthello's always out waiting in front of Dona's house. Poor guy.

Kilika Island highlighted on Celsius locations list

In the woods, a crowd of people try to reach their families located at the temple, but are blocked by guards. With Yuna's orders, they allow them to pass and reunite with their loved ones. Barthello is looking for Dona, but she is nowhere in sight. Back at Kilika Port, he sits in front of Dona's house, hoping for her forgiveness.


Luca's the place to play! Wanna try a double-header --- blitzball and Sphere Break?

Luca highlighted on Celsius locations list

Yuna whistles over a ledge and quietly reminisces over cherished memories. She spots a moogle floating beside her that only she can see. It flees, and instead of chasing after it, Yuna approaches Rikku and Paine, who are convinced Yuna is in need of a break. Blitzball season couldn't have come at a better time.

Mi'ihen Highroad[]

Well, things were hairy on the Highroad for a while, but the trouble's over... for now.

Mi’ihen Highroad highlighted on Celsius locations list

There are three possible scenarios that will result in an Episode Concluded, all involving incorrectly solving the mystery about why the Highroad's machina going haywire. The player will receive the key item Gippal's Sphere, which cannot otherwise be obtained, if they name Rin as the culprit.


Tobli's getting pretty well known out there. Yup-yup!

Moonflow highlighted on Celsius locations list

Tobli becomes successful after supporting the concert with Yuna, but when he puts on his show something seems to be missing.

If the Moonflow mission in Chapter 1 is not completed, Tobli shows up on the Celsius in Chapter 2. The player may then push him into the elevator to earn the accessory Enterprise, which grants its wearer the Break HP Limit auto-ability. If the player earns the Episode Complete for the Moonflow, yet allows Garik from Gagazet to slaughter the Guado at the Macalania Woods, the player can obtain the rare and valuable Key to Success accessory, which provides double experience, gil, recovery potency, AP, as well as 100 Luck.


There's no word from the Guado --- not even a little! Where could they have disappeared to?

Guadosalam highlighted on Celsius locations list

The streets of Guadosalam are quiet, with not a Guado in sight. Leblanc is absent as well, and her goons await their boss's arrival.

Macalania Woods[]

Ay, the woods o' Macalania are not long for this world.

Macalania Woods highlighted on Celsius locations list

The woods are dying, and so are the Guado. An unnamed woman found at Macalania's spring ponders the Guado's fate:

The Guado sought shelter in these woods, but the Ronso hunted down every last man, woman, and child... Though their souls should rightly be stirring, I do not sense a thing. Perhaps they resigned themselves to their unhappy fate and departed willingly for the Farplane... Forgive me, I cannot bear to continue.

Woman at the spring


New Yevon's members were at each other's throats for a while, but it sounds like they're finally working together to keep the party going.

Bevelle highlighted on Celsius locations list

With Baralai still missing, New Yevon is desperate to keep their numbers up. They've invited Youth League supporters, Maroda and members of the Kinderguardians, to their headquarters to avoid Bevelle being left defenseless.

Mt. Gagazet[]

I guess the Ronso really do have to deal with Ronso problems.

Mt. Gagazet highlighted on Celsius locations list

Yuna fails to stop Garik from slaughtering all the Guado. Though Garik killed the remaining Guado, he is still not satisfied despite Kimahri telling him that his wishes came true and calls Garik a murderer.

Zanarkand Ruins[]

Forget the tourists... now people are saying they want to live here! Guess a new age is coming for Zanarkand.

Zanarkand highlighted on Celsius locations list

Yuna failed to chase the tourists away, so more and more people gather at the once hallowed ground.

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