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The Episode Complete bug is a bug in all versions of Final Fantasy X-2 that may prevent the player from receiving the Mascot dressphere. Normally, after achieving an Episode Complete in an area, the player is automatically taken back on board the Celsius. Once all fifteen episodes are complete, the Mascot dressphere is given to the player on the Celsius. However, when the player achieves an Episode Complete in Zanarkand, the player is not transported back to the Celsius, and if this is the last episode to be completed, the Mascot dressphere will not be awarded.

This bug can be avoided by ensuring Zanarkand is not the last episode to be completed. If Zanarkand is completed last, there is still a way to obtain the Mascot dressphere. By completing one of the optional episodes at the Den of Woe or the Chocobo Ranch, the party will be taken back on board the Celsius and Mascot will be awarded. If both of these episodes are completed before the fifteen mandatory episodes are complete, and the player completes the Zanarkand episode last, the Mascot dressphere cannot be obtained.

The Mascot dressphere can still be obtained by completing the Youth League Tournament in the Fiend Arena in the International and HD Remaster versions.


  • After the Episode Complete is awarded, the player is left in Zanarkand for the purpose of talking with Maechen, who reveals a secret about himself if the player listened to his entire speech in the first chapter and had Yuna shake his hand. This is likely why the player is not automatically returned to the Celsius, thus resulting in this bug.
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