The following are a list of episodes available for Jornee.

List of episodesEdit

Episode 1: Unchanging BondEdit

In a future shelter, Aemo and Jornee vow before a stone that their bonds will never change.

Episode description

Episode 2: Nurtured BondEdit

In Elheim during the Middle Ages, Aemo and Jornee vow before a tree that their bonds will never stop growing.

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Episode 3: Flat FlowersEdit

Jornee prepares a carpet of flowers for Chronos, who is trapped in a crystal of time.

Episode description

Episode 4: Mover GameEdit

Jornee plays a game from Elheim. A serious battle is about to begin!

Episode description

Episode 5: Dwarfish BanquetEdit

Jornee sings on Mount Agart. What kind of song do boisterous dwarfs enjoy?

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Episode 6: Genbu's CommerceEdit

Concerned about the relationship between humans and dwarfs, Genbu takes a secret item to Mount Agart.

Episode description

Episode 7: The Murder MysteryEdit

A shocking horror story about a creepy house!? (by Mog)

Episode description

Episode 8: Chronos's TreasureEdit

Jornee and Maina go searching for a treasure described by Chronos in a trance.

Episode description

Episode 9: The Wasteland CemeteryEdit

Walking in the future, Jornee and Sorgue come across a cemetery in the wasteland...

Episode description

Episode 10: An Immortal's MemoriesEdit

Sorgue recalls the past with regret in front of Atomos, and Jornee speaks to him.

Episode description

Episode 11: Duty and FutureEdit

Elf and ninja. Two members of vanishing tribes have a conversation.

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Episode 12: Candy for the ChildEdit

Kids love candy! Jornee and the other elves fuss over the cute Maina.

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Episode 13: As PrincessEdit

Back from an epic journey, the princess broadens her knowledge in preparation for what is to come.

Episode description

Episode 14: Not AloneEdit

What is difficult for one, can be handled by two... Still, sometimes it's fun to tease, right?

Episode description

Episode 15: A Princess's Stage DebutEdit

Stories about events of the past continue to be told in the present. The more popular stories become plays.

Episode description
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