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The Epic of Alexander, commonly abbreviated by players as TEA, is an Ultimate raid introduced in patch 5.11 Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Story[edit | edit source]

The clockwork fortress that manifested itself in the far reaches of snow-swept Dravania did bear an uncanny resemblance to the great steel giant sung of in the legends of the Hotgo, an Auri tribe hailing from far across the sea. Inspired by this tragic tale of a mechanical god who placed his trust in a single mortal soul, the minstrel spreads the proverbial wings of imagination and takes flight, weaving an impassioned ballad of hope and despair profound.

In-game description

Progression[edit | edit source]

Living Liquid[edit | edit source]

After a few seconds of being pulled Living Liquid will hit the tank with Fluid Swing and follow up with Cascade, dealing raid wide damage, spawning three water tornadoes, and spawning Living Hand, splitting its HP in half. The Hand can be taken away from the boss to bait its palm, or kept together to bait its fist. When the hand has an open palm it needs to be next to living liquid, if its fist it needs to be pulled far away, if not the hand will wipe the raid in a few moments. following the hand slapping the ground both bosses will hit the target with a Fluid Swing cleave, can either be mitigated by both tanks or invulned by one. Four Jagd Dolls will also spawn which need to be hit by an individual DPS, here each dps needs to bring its HP down to 1-25% without killing it or it will wipe the raid. The dolls also give out an luminous exhaust stack that cannot reach more than two, or it will kill a player. once lowered, DPS need to feed the dolls to the bosses slowly, as they explode and deal a ton of damage.

After the double tank buster two orbs will spawn from a tornado slowly moving towards the bosses, no player or enemy/boss can touch these orbs, so players must kite enemies around them and avoid them at all costs. After another tank cleave, the bosses are taken to the middle and all dolls should be taken care of. Here players should stack north and south of the boss to bait protean waves. Once the main AoE's go off, the 4 closest players will get hit with a wave and the 4 farthest will be targeted with a Sluice AoE, after each goes off the 4 closest go out and the furthest come close to the boss, as the wave gives a water resistance down debuff. Immediately after the tornadoes will tether to two players and must be taken by both tanks and somewhat far apart as they have an AoE. At the same time Living Liquid will do continuous Splashes, dealing raidwide damage and follow up with a cascade. Soon after six players will get a Throttle debuff that needs to be cleansed, and after a while the boss will use protean wave again, but the three tornados need someone close to them to bait their protean waves, this will happen twice. The hand should be pulled away after to bait another palm, and dps the boss down as he will do constant splashes, leading to another double tank buster and then an enrage cascade.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Time Abilitiy Notes
0:13 Fluid Swing No cast bar.
0:20 Cascade Spawns tornadoes.
0:30 Hand of Prayer/Hand of Parting Which ability is used depends on whether the Liquid Limb was brought to the boss or not. No cast bar.
0:35 Protean Wave Cast by tornadoes. No cast bar. Jagd Dolls spawn.
0:40 Fluid Swing No cast bar. Used by both Liquid Limb and Living Liquid.
0:45 Hand of Pain
0:54 Luminous Aetheroplasm Cast by Jagd Dolls. No cast bar.
0:54 Embolus Cast by tornadoes. No cast bar.
0:58 Fluid Swing No cast bar. Used by both Liquid Limb and Living Liquid.
1:10 Protean Wave
1:13 Hand of Pain Cast by hand.
1:20 Splash No cast bar.
1:30 Drainage No cast bar.
1:30 Hand of Pain Cast by hand.
1:35 Cascade Spawns tornadoes.
1:38 Throttle No cast bar.
1:46 Protean Wave
1:46 Hand of Pain Cast by hand.
1:57 Protean Wave Cast by tornadoes. No cast bar.
2:00 Embolus Cast by tornadoes. No cast bar.
2:07 Hand of Prayer/Hand of Parting Which ability is used depends on whether the Liquid Limb was brought to the boss or not. No cast bar.
2:10 Splash
2:18 Fluid Swing No cast bar. Used by both Liquid Limb and Living Liquid.
2:22 Cascade Enrage cast.

Limit Cut Intermission[edit | edit source]

Shortly after defeating Living Liquid, everyone will be marked 1-8, while at the same time, two hawk buster aoes opposite of each other will start rotating clockwise on the outer edge 4 times, then the center, repeating the pattern the second time. Players will need to wait until the first two hawk blasters and follow the pattern while at the same time baiting cruise chaser's limit cut without clipping each other. It's recommended to use Arm's Length and Surecast at the proper time depending on your number so you don't get knocked back into the wall from either the cleave or the dash. Depending on how comfortable they are on baiting the limit cut, players can either bait it on the outside or slightly inside of the outer edge, as long as everyone in the party are in agreement. After the limit cut and hawk buster aoes have resolved, players will need be 100% topped off and mitigate Brute Justice's J-kick with shields and, if possible, a tank Limit Break (You will still be able get a Limit Break 3 before defeating Alexander Prime later in the fight).

Brute Justice/Cruise Chaser[edit | edit source]

Cruise Chaser will start casting whirlwind, and Brute Justice will cast Link-up right after, which will give either 2 tanks and two healers or 4 DPS 4 nisi debuffs, one orange, one green, one blue, and one purple, which will be needed later in the fight, and one healer water, and one DPS lightning. After that Chakrams will spawn at the wall opposite of each other, so everyone must run away from middle, and make sure nisis don't touch each other, which will kill affected players if they do, and without passing nisi too early. After the Chakrams dissolve, everyone runs back to middle at their designated spots, because Optical Orbs will hit the outer areas. Cruise Chaser will cast Photon, which will put everyone at 1 HP, so healers will need to heal everyone quick.

After the photon animation finishes, nisi players will pass the players, clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on which way players are comfortable with, who don't have it so they can keep the debuff on. The tank with Brute Justice take it to the North-northwest direction, while the Tank with Cruise Chaser take it south. The DPS with the Lightning debuff will run to the tank with Brute Justice to pass it, while two healers and two ranged/caster DPS run to the west side of the arena, but not too close to the wall, to drop the tornado. After that, the ice marker will either Brute Justice or Cruise chaser tanks, while at the same time DPS near the wall will bait the puddles and mines away from the puddle. When the Cruise Chaser tank will soak the mines, with heavy mitigation, depends on weather or not they get ice. Either way, one tank must bait the ice as close to tornado as possible, but not too close as the tornado will tether and kill them. At the same time as ice marker spawns, two healers will be targeted with 3 orb enumerations, which will wipe the party if less or more than 3 are in each marker. If exactly 3 are in each, then they will take no damage. The enumerations must have one healer and two DPS without the nisis touching each other. After the ice puddle is placed and enumerations are resolved, everyone will pass the nisi debuffs again before water and lightning go off again. The healer that had the water resistance down debuff must go to the tank with Brute Justice and take the lightning from them, while the healer with no water and two ranged/caster DPS run to the east side of the arena. Brute Justice will cast verdict, which will give everyone two different debuffs; one which requires you to have exactly 3 debuffs (the debuff itself counts), and one where it requires you to get a nisi of the same color, and at the same time, Lightning and water go off again. Immediately after, Cruise Chaser will cast a shield on itself which can only be attacked from the front so the tank must face the boss to the middle, while DPS will line themselves up horizontally without touching each other. Brute Justice will cast Flamethrower during that so the tank must face it at the easternmost side and be under its hitbox, as the attack is very wide, will target the player closest to it, and will evaporate the tornado. After flamethrower finishes, the tanks and healers will line up to the correct debuff according to the color they need, and Cruise Chaser will cast Whirlwind shortly after. The shield must be killed in under 10 seconds or Cruise Chaser will get a Damage buff and wipe the raid.

Before whirlwind completely finishes, two tanks must tank both Brute Justice and Cruise chaser close to the ice tornado in the west (the healer with lightning and one melee DPS run there a bit after), while two DPS (one with water and one without water) and one healer who had the first water debuff (the water resistance down debuff will expire before the tornado spawns) run south. After Water and Lightning debuffs go off, two healers and the tank with brute justice will position themselves east of the west ice, while one tank with Cruise Chaser place the boss at very between it and the west wall, then run behind the ice without moving the boss. After that, DPS will go to the correct healer and tank and stay stacked with them, because Cruise Chaser will cast propeller wind, which will kill anyone not hiding behind the ice, while at the same time, Brute Justice will cast Gavel. If any of the conditions are not met after Gavel finishes, it's a wipe:

  • A player gives the other the incorrect Nisi color.
  • If a nisi player dies at anytime without passing the debuff. Raising will not save you from the wipe at all, even if you lose the color and 3 debuff requirement debuff.
  • If even one Nisi expires before it can be passed.

After Gavel, two tanks will stack on top of each other and use defensive cooldowns. Cruise Chaser will cast Photon again, but this time both of the tanks will be at 1 HP, so healers must heal them quick. Shortly after Brute Justice will cast Double Rocket Punch, which is a shared tank buster, and must be mitigated. Brute Justice will then cast super Jump. Before that, one ranged DPS must run to the opposite side of the room to bait it. Immediately after, Brute Justice will then cast Apocalyptic Ray which targets the farthest player so all healers and remaining dps run close to wall and burn down Cruise Chaser if its HP is higher than the former. Two whirlwinds will happen, and then shortly after, two enrages, Final Sentence and Eternal Darkness will cast, which will wipe the party if both are not killed on time. They will also cast early if one of them is defeated earlier.

Temporal Stasis Intermission[edit | edit source]

After defeating Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser, 6 players will be assigned debuffs, and the two bosses will be spawn east and west, though they will alternate each fight. Players with blue tethers will go east and west, though one of them must be close to Cruise Chaser. Players with red tethers will go to west add, while players with no debuff will go to east add, though for both one DPS will stand north side of them, while tank/healer will stand south side of them.. Players with aggravated assault will be stacking with the blue tethered player on Brute Justice's side. When time freezes, the debuffs will activate and Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser will target the closest players with their cleaves.

Alexander Prime[edit | edit source]

Alexander Prime will spawn in the middle and cast Chastening Heat on the main tank, which will give them a magic Vulnerability up debuff. He will then instantly cast divine spear again which must be either invulned or swapped and mitigated after tank buster. He will then cast inception and become untargetable.

During inception, Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser will always spawn east and west respectively , while Alexander will spawn either north or south, and Shanora the cat will spawn at the opposite side of Alexander. During this time 4 players will be tethered to green orbs while 4 other players will be targeted with 4 purple crystals. players with green tethers must bait them on the opposite side of the spawn point, and how much damage they deal depends on their size. If they're too big, it will kill the player that touches it. When the tethers get small enough and are at the wall, the players that have them will pop them and will leave a puddle. If two puddles overlap each other, one of them will explode and wipe the raid. Before other players are marked with the purple crystal, they must position themselves at Shanora's side and spread out from each other. After the tethers are poped and the puddles are baited, the add will spawn True Heart which will give Alexander Prime Both Damage and Defense up buffs if it touches the boss. If True Heart soaks all 4 puddles they will explode for proximity damage, but will also give it defensive buff and stop it. After the puddles have resolved, Brute Justice will cast Flamethrower 3 times. One tank should take the first and bit it South of it, another tank baits the second and have it face the middle, and the rest of the party stacks north of it. Then players run to True Heart and attack it if their jobs need to fill their job guages. 5 players will be given one of the 3 different debuffs; one tank and one DPS will be given a blue tether, which the tanks must run left of True Heart while the blue tethered DPS will run to the right, two other DPS will be given aggravated assault, and, along with the other player with no debuff must stack with the blue tethered DPS, and another DPS will have a shared sentence debff, and must stack with both tanks. After Alexander Prime casts inception again, True Heart will then move to a random spot and give everyone an Enigma Codex, which is needed in the last phase. Alexander Prime will then spawn to where True Heart was and instantly cast sacrament. Cruise Chaser will then spawn in the middle and target three closest players with is cleaves. The players that should be baiting the three cleaves are the DPS that had blue tether and two healers. The DPS should be south, and two healers will bait east and north. During the cleaves Brute Justice will cast Super Jump, which will activate after the cleaves resolve, so one of the tanks must bait it at the far west.

Alexander Prime will spawn in the middle, become targetable, and repeat the Chastening Heat and Divine Spear Mechanic. The tanks should swap aggro before the inception or before the 2nd Chastening Heat. He will cast Inception again and will become untargetable again.

Alexander will always spawn in the south and Brute Justice will spawn in Northwest and Northeast, though they will alternate every fight. Brute Justice will cast Link Up and spawn two Chakrams. One south and one East or west depending on where Brute Justice spawns. At the same time, Limit Cut umbers will spawn, then shortly after two puddles will spawn in the east and westernmost sides of the arena. One will be slightly closer to Alexander Prime and one will be slightly closer to one of the adds. The odds should go to the former puddle, while the evens will go to the latter. When 1 and 2 Limit Cut are being resolved, Brute Justice will do a Super Jump, and Apocalyptic Ray immediately after, so the person with #2 should bait it close to Alexander Prime. During 3 and 4, the puddles will shrink which will kill everyone if both players are not soaking both puddles. If puddles are soaked, the players will be given a magiv invulnerability debuff and can't soak them again. 5 and 6 should soak the first puddle, then position themselves for limit cut after 3 and 4 are resolved. Same thing for 7 and 8. Alexander will use Sacrament during the 5 and 6 Limit Cut so players can't be in the middle at all. During 7 and 8 Limit cut, 1 and 2 must soak the last set of puddles. After both Limit Cut and puddles resolve, one person will be targeted with a stack marker and everyone must run to the middle and healers must top everyone off immediately before the stack markers resolve. 2 DPS will then be targeted for 3 orb Enumeration. two tanks and two healers must stack in two different enumerations, and DPS that don't have it must get out of it. Two tanks should go to east of middle, while two healers go to west side of middle.

Alexander Prime will spawn in the middle and become targetable again and will cast two mega holies, which will deal heavy damage and must be heavily mitigated. Healer shields, one addle, and one reprisal will be enough. After that, it will cast Summon Alexander and become untargetable shortly after.

When Alexander respawns, so will Cruise Chaser, and Brute Justice will start with J Kick, and then use J wave, which deals more damage every time (except the first one). Alexander Prime will then be tethered and invulnerable to damage. Cruise Chaser and Alexander will both start casting Eternal Darkness and Divine Judgement respectively, but the former has a shorter cast time and must be killed first, then Brute Justice. After wave 7, mitigation should be coordinated to prevent a wipe. Brute Justice should be killed before the 12th or 13th wave as the damage would be too much to handle. After that, Alexander Prime must be burned down before he finishes casting Divine Judgement or it will be a wipe. If you do kill it beforehand, it will initiate a count down, and must be mitigated with a Tank LB3, which should be used after the 3 second mark, along with healer shields. After the damage has been resolved, there will be a 40 second transition.

Perfect Alexander[edit | edit source]

Several seconds after the transition, Perfect Alexander will cast Final Word, which will give 1 player Light Beacon, 1 player Dark Beacon, and 6 other players a a forced march (3 Light, 3 Dark) . He will then cast Ordained Motion or Stillness first which will kill the party if not executed correctly (Motion means move, Stillness means don't move and untarget the boss) After that the forced march will begin. Light beacon should be opposite side of Dark Beacon and near wall. If Light march is too close Light beacon and if Dark March is too far, from Dark Beacon, they will die. If the main Beacons die, other players of the same color will also die. After the march, Perfect Alexander will also cast the Ordained Motion or Stillness that he didn't use the first time. He will then cast the stack marker and spread mechanics in any order. If anyone dies and doesn't get raised in time before the spread mechanic starts. one random player will get an extra hit and die.

After the spread and stack mechanics have resolved Perfect Alexander will cast Fate Projection α, followed by Fate Calibration α. If you don't have Enigma Codex from the 3rd phase, you have a slim chance of executing the mechanic perfectly. Otherwise, during the cast, players' future selves, as well as adds, will spawn and be given specific mechanics; Defamation, Shared Sentence, and aggravated assault. The future mechanic gives players a specific order for them to follow.

  1. Ordained Motion/Stillness
  2. Defamation
  3. Shared Sentence, aggravated assault, and Ordained Motion/Stillness
  4. Sacraments from far east, NW or NE, and west. Order for them is random.

After the cast has finished, players with certain debuffs must go to respective safe spots:

  1. Defamation must be in NE or NW, depending on which one cast the 2nd Ordained Motion/Stillness.
  2. Players with Shared Sentence and aggravated assault must go to the SW or SE opposite of the defamation tank. Shared Sentence and players with no debuffs will stack on right side of safe spot, while players with aggravated assault will stack on left side.
  3. All players must execute the proper Ordained Motion/Stillness mechanics while resolving the ones they've been picked. The Ordained Motion/Stillness mechanic can either alternate or execute the same one twice in a row.

After the Fate α mechanic has been resolved, Perfect Alexander will cast Ordained Capital Punishment, which is a shared 3 hit and tanks can either share or one can use invulnberabe cooldowns depending on when they use and/or which timing they're comfortable with. During 3x hit it will cast Ordained Punishment, which is a tank buster that leaves a Physical Vulnerability debuff and must be tank swapped. After that Perfect Alexander will cast Fate Projection β, and Calibration β, which spawns adds and players' future selves. The debuffs players are given this time are; Blue Tethers, Red Tethers Light and Dark Beacons, Light and Dark March. If one player dies or dc's before their future self spawns and raise, they will still get the mechanic that didn't activate on other players (Mostly a Dark or Light march without other debuffs). The order player shown are as follows:

  1. Light and Dark Becon, Light and Dark March. One Light, one Dark marches with blue Tethers. One Light, one Dark march with red tethers. One Dark March without a debuff.
  2. Blue and Red Tethers resolve
  3. 3 adds will super Jump on Dark Beacon, Dark March that had Blue Tether, and Dark March without debuff.
  4. Spread (8 orbs) or Stack (2 big orbs)
  5. Inverted Sacrament (donut aoe) from one of the adds in East, South, or West.

After the cast has finished, players with certain debuffs must go to respective spots:

  1. Light Beacon goes to North side near the wall, and Dark Beacon must be a bit between middle and east wall.
  2. Dark Beacon with blue tether must position themselves so they will move south, then move close to south wall while one without a debuff must make sure they move west side.
  3. One Dark march with red tether must position themselves a little bit of northwest of Dark Beacon so they can stay with the Light March they were tethered to.
  4. All Light beacons, including the one with blue and red tether must stack with the light beacon after the forced march resolves. After that Dark Beacon can move a little closer to east wall.
  5. After the Super Jump resolves, players must either spread or stack. If it's stack, all players that were light stack a bit north, while all darks stack a bit middle.
  6. After the stack/spread, player go to the add that used Inverted Sacrament. Sprint if needed.

After Fate β is resolved, Perfect Alexander will do another 3x+Tankbuster. After that it will do the trine mechanic. It will show multiple aoes which will hit 3 times at certain patterns a bit later. One of the 4 safe spots are the south, middle, southeast, or east. The spot where the 1st aoe pattern hit will always be safe during the 2nd and 3rd patterns. During the trines, the boss will cast Irresistible Grace, which is a stack mechanic that must be mitigated. Perfect Alexander will repeat the last three mechanics again before casting Temporal Interference, then Temporal Prison, which is final Enrage. The 7 aoes on the gears on the ground will start glowering, starting from southwest to southeast. The order should be two healers, two tanks, and DPS, which will freeze anyone standing in it. People should place DoTs on the boss before they take the prison. If the boss is not killed before the enrage has finished casting, it will last several seconds before resetting the fight.

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Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Living Liquid
    • Jagd Doll
    • Living Hand
  • Cruise Chaser
  • Brute Justice
  • Alexander Prime
    • Cruise Chaser
    • Brute Justice
  • Perfect Alexander

Loot[edit | edit source]

  • Colossus Totem

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

The majority of the music used during the fight is covers of previous Alexander themes by The Primals: Living Liquid is fought to Locus, Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser are fought to Metal - Brute Justice Mode, and Alexander Prime is fought to Rise. Perfect Alexander, however, is fought to the Eorzean Symphony orchestral concert version of Moebius.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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