Very nimble. Its claws can inflict poison. Inflicting darkness or Threaten on it are the way to go.

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Epaaj is an enemy in Final Fantasy X found at the bottom of the gorge in the Calm Lands, next to the entrance to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth as well as inside the cavern itself. Its physical attacks may cause Poison. Epaaj will use Blades once its counter reaches 7; the counter increases by 1 when attacking party members and when targeted. It will also use Blades when Provoked, and won't use it against aeons. Against Valefor, it will do nothing.

Epaaj will drop weapons with Strength +5% or Magic +5%, and armor with Defense +5%. Rarely, Epaaj also drops weapons with Critical Overdrive, which sell at a very high price.

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