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A side-by-side comparison of Eorzean letter-forms and Arial letter-forms.

"Eorzea" is the typeface used on the maps and on several lodestone images in Final Fantasy XIV. It is named after the Eorzea region in the Source, the game's setting. While it has influences from many different cultures, many of the letter-forms are unique, including backwards Es, cross-less Fs, and heavily warped Ks.


Eorzean is found most notably on the in-game maps and on Grand Company pages on the Lodestone community site. On a map it is incorporated into the map's image, meaning the removal or addition of any label would mean updating the entire file. Square-Enix has resorted to a more flexible means of marking maps using a more legible font for this reason. Anyone can distinguish a new location, such as Dzemael Darkhold or Shposhae, from one included at launch by noticing the new variety of label used and the absence of the Eorzean typeface.

Likewise, there are many locations throughout the maps that use the Eorzean typeface and not the new labels. These include unused locations such as most bodies of water and dummied landmarks like the Gelmorra Ruins in the Black Shroud. Some locations that are mentioned by NPCs during quests, particularly Vesper Bay and Silvertear Falls, have not been granted new labels in spite of their significance.


The typeface has been circulating the fan community as a downloadable font for use in other applications, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe programs. It can easily be found with minimal searching.